Box Costume Ideas

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® moving boxes are designed to handle all moving and packing needs, but their use extends even further than just storing belongings – they can be used for fun, too!

Thanks to the creative team members here at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, we’ve designed, kid-friendly “boxtumes” that require minimal time and effort to create along with some fun with your kiddos. We have a number of fun ideas and tutorials for making your next creative costume out of recycled moving boxes and supplies you likely already have around the house.


Tractor Boxtume

Is your child fascinated with all kinds of trucks, planes, and tractors? Watch them light up with excitement as you create a tractor boxtume that puts them behind the wheel! Watch our tutorial video or follow these seven easy steps below to make it yourself.

Unicorn Boxtume

If your child loves unicorns, they will absolutely love this boxtume! Watch our tutorial for ideas on how to create your own. Templates are available for download on the link below.

Fish Mask

"Are you going for an “under the sea” look this Halloween? This simple and sweet fish mask is sure to give your costume that finishing touch you need. Simple and easy to wear for older kids or parents! Watch our short video to see all of our steps.

Frankenstein Boxtume

Want to make a spooky Halloween costume? This super easy Frankenstein boxtume should do the trick! Follow the steps below to make your very own!

Lightning McQueen Boxtume

This costume is perfect for the Cars-loving kid in your life. Check out our tutorial on how to make Lightning McQueen, or simply switch out the paint color to make Sandy or Mater.

Bubble Bath Boxtume

Need something creative that isn’t too scary for a costume? Follow along with these simple tips to create fun “Bubble Bath” boxtume for Halloween!