Community Service

Since 2009, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® locations across the country have donated hundreds of thousands of service hours to their communities. In 2018 alone, franchises donated more than $3 million worth of moving services. With numbers like that, chances are good there is a truck out there right now adding to this impressive number.

The TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® system holds a long tradition of giving back to communities in which employees live and work. Giving back to the community has been a vital part of the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® system long before it was formalized as a core value. After our founder, Mary Ellen Sheets’ first year in business, she donated her profits to 10 different charities. It is this spirit that gives meaning to the company’s motto: “Movers Who Care®.”

Strengthening our community by building partnerships

Locations from across the country also donate countless hours to a variety of charities, including Toys for Tots, United Way, Habitat for Humanity, and TWO MEN AND A TRUCK’s own community support programs – Movers for Moms®, Movers for Military, Movers for Meals®, Movers for Mutts®, and Truckload of Warmth.

Working with countless charitable programs year-round, while also incorporating our own community support programs, allows each of our individual franchises to get out in their communities and make a difference. By partnering with local shelters, schools, and organizations to run these programs, we are able to build better relationships within the communities we work and live.

animated gif movers for moms

Movers for Moms®

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® locations across the country collect donations for women every spring and deliver them to local women’s and family shelters on or before Mother’s Day. Franchises partner with local shelters, schools, and other community organizations to collect goods that will make Mother’s Day special for moms living in shelters. The annual campaign is called Movers for Moms®.

Movers for Military

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Veteran’s Day is a time to honor the courageous men and women who have proudly served our country. Unfortunately, many veterans are experiencing tough times and need the help of local shelters. As the “Movers Who Care®," TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® aims to provide critical assistance to local veterans in crisis with a program called Movers for Military – a collection of essential items that will be delivered to veterans living at local shelters during Veteran’s Day.

Local TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® locations partner with schools, businesses, and veteran’s shelters to begin collecting essential care items each fall and deliver them to the shelters the week of Veteran’s Day.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is committed to the communities it is privileged to serve. Through the Movers for Military program, we hope to provide critical support to the brave men and women who have made tremendous sacrifices to protect our freedoms.

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Movers for Meals

To help support local families facing hunger crises around the country, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® locations host the Movers for Meals food drive each fall. Movers for Meals runs each October and November and ends just before Thanksgiving. Local TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® locations partner with schools, businesses, food pantries, and local shelters to collect non-perishable food items with the goal of putting more food on tables.

Movers for Mutts

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Movers for Mutts is a program created by TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® in an effort to help local animal shelters support and foster stray animals. This program is hosted each fall and partners with local businesses, schools, and organizations to collect food, toys, and other essential items pets may need.

Truckload of Warmth

Truckload of Warmth is a program dedicated to supporting local shelters with warm weather clothing including new or gently used coats, hats, gloves, scarves, and anything needed to stay warm during the sometimes treacherous winters.

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This program is relatively new in the past few years and began with only a few locations throughout the country who wanted to support local shelters during the cold, winter months. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® partners with local schools, businesses, and organizations to collect these items each fall and donate them to local shelters in need.