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“How much does it cost?” It’s the age-old question that people have when it comes to hiring professional movers, and often times, can be the deciding factor for customers when they make the decision of how to move their belongings.

The old adage “you get what you pay for” has never been more true than with home moving services, and with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, you are paying for quality customer service and moving options! This starts with getting your free moving quote online, and there are variety of factors that come into play when calculating your moving costs.

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How are moving quotes calculated?

In short, the amount of moving will be the deciding factor in how much your move costs. From move mileage to the size of your household or business, the day of the week, the number of items being moved, the amount of stairs involved, the number of men and trucks required, and the amount of packing supplies needed – each little detail factors into your final moving price.

Ensure you’re as precise as possible with furniture, rooms, and boxes that need to be moved so we can provide you with the most accurate moving quote. You can even request a team member visit to provide an in-home estimate. Depending on location, sometimes these are standard.


Thinking of Moving Yourself?
Think Again!

While moving yourself may seem less expensive... the costs add up.

Do-It-Yourself Moving Costs:

  • Truck Rental
  • Mileage
  • Fuel Charge
  • Additional Insurance
  • Equipment Rental
    (straps, rope, furniture pads, bungee cords, stretch wrap, dollies, etc.)
  • Time
  • Boxes & Packing Supplies
  • Possible Damages
    (belongings, relationships, & injuries)
  • Recruiting Friends to Help
  • Food & Beverages
  • Chiropractor Visits
  • Packing a Truck
  • Learning How to Maneuver a Moving Truck
  • Broken Promises


We can move as much or as little as you need while fitting your schedule & budget!

Receiving YOUR quote

Our customer service starts well before our professional moving teams pick up any of your belongings, and the first step to the moving process is receiving a complimentary online moving quote!

The online moving forms available on our website will provide the initial point of contact for customers, allowing us to gauge how much you are moving, how long it will take, and all other essential moving information.

There are three quick, easy steps required from you to get a free moving quote:

  1. Fill out our online moving form

The more information you‘re able to provide us, the more accurate your moving quote will be.

  1. Contact from a customer service representative

One of our friendly CSRs will contact you to confirm move details and ensure nothing was missed. From there, they’ll work to get your move scheduled, answer any additional questions you may have, and determine if an in-home estimate is needed.

  1. Confirm details

This is the final step before we begin your home move! CSRs will go over details with you one more time to confirm everything from price to the supplies needed, making sure you are up-to-date on everything scheduled to happen.

You’re now on your way to experiencing a stress-free home move! If at any time you have questions during the process, feel free to call and speak directly with your local office. We look forward to hearing from you!

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