Pickup and Delivery Services

While you may recognize TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® for home moving, did you know our teams can do much more than get customers from one home to the next? The professionally trained TWO MEN AND A TRUCK movers in your area can assist with the pickup and delivery of items!

Instead of paying extra for a company or mail service who doesn’t specialize in the moving of large, heavy items to deliver your new purchase, you can enlist the help of our moving teams to take care of it for you. This can go a long way in keeping large appliances or furniture safe and protected during the process of pickup and delivery.

How the service works

What do pickup and delivery services entail? TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving teams can assist customers with appliance delivery, same-day couch delivery, large item pickup and delivery, and any other furniture delivery service.

This service works great for those who have purchased large items, including:

Your local TWO MEN AND A TRUCK team will work closely with you to secure details of the delivery and determine a time that works best for you. From there, your local moving team will travel to where the item is, load it onto the truck, and deliver it to your home. Once the team arrives at your home, they will also assist with the heavy lifting required to get it inside and where it needs to go.

This will save you the stress and hassle of handling it yourself and give you peace of mind knowing your new purchase is in good hands!

Taking the stress out of pickup and delivery

This service is applicable to both residential customers and businesses. Customers can take comfort in knowing professionally trained movers will be doing the lifting in and out of our moving trucks and into your home, as we handle delivery moves daily.

If you’re someone who is getting ready to sell a home and looking to update the appliances, uncomfortable with moving large items around your home, or looking to update the furniture selection around your house, you might find use in TWO MEN AND A TRUCK’s pickup and delivery services.

"I recently moved to Franklin from Pennsylvania. I purchased much of my furniture here, in Brentwood. Because I purchased furniture that was on sale/floor models, I had to take care of delivery on my own. My real estate agent recommended TWO MEN AND A TRUCK. I'm very glad he did. I was able to get everything delivered the very next day. The men who moved everything were courteous and professional...AND FAST! I would highly recommend them!"

Jim, Franklin, TN

"I needed an appliance picked up from Lowe's since they would not deliver the item. The team met me at the store at the time promised, delivered and set up the fridge. It was more work than we expected, involving removing the doors. But the men were positive, and more than willing to help complete the job. It took longer than expected (so cost more), but it saved me lots of aggravation doing it myself, or pulling my husband away from his job to work on it. It was well worth it!"

Maria, San Antonio North, TX

"They did what they said that they would do. They were on time; protected my appliances and delivered on time. The men seemed happy to work for this company; were very professional and friendly. I would highly recommend TWO MEN AND A TRUCK for anyone needing help with their move!"

Marta, Des Plaines, IL