Brand Partners

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is proud to be part of the ServiceMaster Brands family, joining their expansive network in August of 2021 after they acquired TWO MEN AND A TRUCK from its original ownership.

The mission of all ServiceMaster businesses is to celebrate and support everyday heroes, which made TWO MEN AND A TRUCK an excellent fit within their family of brands. Spanning across several different industries, all brands under the ServiceMaster umbrella strive to be leading franchise providers of needs-based residential and commercial services.

Two Men And A Junk Truck Logo

The sister brand to TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, the TWO MEN AND A JUNK TRUCK brand is set to bring a refreshing spin to the world of junk removal and disposal. Utilizing specialized junk removal trucks and professionally trained junk removal specialists, TWO MEN AND A JUNK TRUCK can assist both residential and business customers with their junk removal needs, handling the lifting and proper disposal of junk and unwanted items to make the process as easy as possible for customers.

From garage and basement cleanouts to renovation debris cleanup, and more, TWO MEN AND A JUNK TRUCK will take the stress out of junk removal, helping customers conquer their clutter with ease.

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ServiceMaster Restore Logo
ServiceMaster Restore

For structures such as homes or businesses that have experienced damage from a disaster, ServiceMaster Restore is the most trusted source for helping to get things back on track. Whether it’s damage from a fire, flood, smoke, or other type of natural disaster, the team offers 24/7 restoration services to help customers get back on track.

ServiceMaster Restore offers restoration services for both residential and business customers and is ready to assist with the process of recovering what was lost and fixing what was damaged immediately.

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ServiceMaster Recovery Logo
ServiceMaster Recovery Management

When a business or organization experiences damage or downtime as a result of a natural disaster, ServiceMaster Recovery should be the first call made. ServiceMaster’s goal is to help businesses get back up and running as quickly as possible after damages occur from natural disasters. They also work to install safety measures and best practices to help businesses plan ahead in limiting damages in the event of a future incident.

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ServiceMaster Clean Logo
ServiceMaster Clean

Businesses need cleaning services that get the job done right and don’t interfere with operating hours, and that’s exactly what ServiceMaster Clean aims to do. ServiceMaster Clean is the leader in commercial cleaning and provides detailed cleaning plans for businesses of all sizes to ensure their customers are getting the service they need while limiting distractions and interruptions.

From hospitals and warehouses to everything in between, the Service Master Clean team is committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment for their customers.

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merry maids logo
Merry Maids

Life gets busy and finding the time to properly clean a home can be challenging. With Merry Maids’ professional home cleaning services, customers no longer have to worry about how they’ll get the job done. Merry Maids teams are committed to delivering the most professional home cleaning experience possible, covering every inch of a home to keep it looking fresh and new. For more than 40 years, Merry Maids has worked with customers to determine their needs and build a cleaning plan that best fits their home.

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Aftermath Logo

Aftermath is there to deliver a professional, compassionate bio-scene clean up after a death, crime scene, or biohazard-related incident. Serving families, employers, and communities after tragic events, the Aftermath team is there to answer the question of “what now?” after a traumatic event occurs. With their professional bio scene cleanup services, they’ll help ensure homes and businesses feel safe again after tragedy.

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Indoor Science Logo
Indoor Science

Air quality safety is crucial and with that in mind, Indoor Science is committed to ensuring residential, business, and government clients have the safest indoor health possible in places where they live and work. Using testing, monitoring, and other scientific techniques, Indoor Science teams can do exposure assessments and offer training to help people learn more about the air quality where they spend the most time, ensuring they are operating as safely as possible.

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