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Meet the Lafayette Team

Tyler Trahan
Customer Service Representative

I started my TWO MEN AND A TRUCK career as a mover in December of 2018. I wanted a job that was physical to help keep me in shape and being a mover filled that criteria. As time went on, I have come to really love and enjoy my job. All my fellow employees are a blast to work with. Getting to travel to new places and meeting new people every day was also a great experience. August of 2019 finally came around and a position as a Customer Service Representative was offered to me. I figured taking the position would be a great start to getting experience in the management field and could help me later in the future.

Dakota Luquette
General Manager

I started my career at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK in December of 2017. I initially took interest in this job upon discovering how much travel that was involved and opportunities in meeting new people. As the job evolved, I took great pride in being able to help customers out by showing them I could move their items efficiently, while also treating their items with great respect. During September of 2018 I was offered the opportunity to become a customer service representative, answering phone calls and helping customers with estimates. As time went on more openings came along. Of course, I took the opportunity and became the General Manager which is where I am today.

Team Lead
Brontraevis Breaux
Team Lead

Brontraevis started his TWO MEN AND A TRUCK career in May of 2016 as a Mover/Driver! His willingness to accept any challenge thrown his way and dedication on completing every customers move with perfection rapidly made him one of our top guys. Bron has been a part of our team for almost four years now and continuous to do an outstanding job as Team Lead!

Team Lead
Dewine James
Team Lead

Dewine started his TWO MEN AND A TRUCK career in May of 2017 as a Mover/Driver. With his tremendous work ethic and drive for customer satisfaction, he quickly worked his way up to become Team Lead. Dewine's favorite part of the job is being able to travel and meet new people every day!

Customer Service Rep

Gabe started out as a mover and has moved up to customer service rep. Gabe enjoys traveling, taking long naps in the sun, and watching the LA Angels lose. Give Gabe a call today for an estimate.