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Meet the Lafayette Team

Brent Doucet
Customer Service Representative Manager

When I first started as a driver at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK in April of 2015, I did not expect it to become a career. However, the longer I stayed, the more I enjoyed my job. While working on the front lines, I learned how to live out the core values of the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchise. I value being a part of this organization because not only does it care for its customers but also its employees and the community it belongs to. In my spare time I enjoy playing video games, tennis and spending time with my family.

Dakota Luquette
Claims Manager

I started my career at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK in December of 2017. I initially took interest in this job upon discovering how much travel that was involved and opportunities in meeting new people. As the job evolved, I took great pride in being able to help customers out by showing them I could move their items efficiently, while also treating their items with great respect. During September of 2018 I was offered the opportunity to become a customer service representative, answering phone calls and helping customers with estimates. As time went on more openings came along. Of course, I took the opportunity and became the Claims Manager which is where I am today.

Matt Ringswald
Operations Manager

I started my career at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK in Baton Rouge, LA as a mover in December of 2012. Initially, the company was supposed to be a stepping stone on my way to a better opportunity. But as I found out, working here was the best opportunity I could have asked for. During my two years as a mover and driver I learned the business of moving people forward from the front lines. I really enjoyed the friendly atmosphere that the company had, and when I was asked to come to the new franchise in Lafayette I didn't hesitate at all to say yes. In January of 2015, I became the locations first Move Manager. I now handle the hiring of new employees and their training, also I do in home estimates. In my free time I enjoy hiking as well as computer games.

Tyler Trahan
Customer Service Representative

I started my TWO MEN AND A TRUCK career as a mover in December of 2018. I wanted a job that was physical to help keep me in shape and being a mover filled that criteria. As time went on, I have come to really love and enjoy my job. All my fellow employees are a blast to work with. Getting to travel to new places and meeting new people every day was also a great experience. August of 2019 finally came around and a position as a Customer Service Representative was offered to me. I figured taking the position would be a great start to getting experience in the management field and could help me later in the future.