Boise Junk Removal

From furniture disposal to spring cleaning, our professionally trained teams are equipped and trained to remove your unwanted items and dispose of them properly and safely. Coming in at 17 Cubic Yards, our trucks are more than capable of hauling away any of your unwanted belongings. Why try to arrange having a dumpster delivered when we can bring one, fill it and take it away in a matter of a couple of hours. We charge based on how much of the truck gets filled, with no hidden fees or charges. Give us a call to get an estimate and schedule a time for us to remove your junk.

Volume Price

1/8 Truckload

0-58 cu. ft.

1/4 Truckload

58.01-115 cu.ft.

3/8 Truckload

115.01-173 cu. ft.

1/2 Truckload

173.01-230 cu. ft.

5/8 Truckload

230.01-287 cu. ft.

3/4 Truckload

287.01-345 cu. ft.

7/8 Truckload

345.01-402 cu. ft.

Full Truckload

402.01-459 cu. ft.