Meet the Two Men and Truck Wellington Team!

Service -5yrs
Carla Thomas
Relocation Specialist

Congratulations to Carla on 5 yrs of being part of our TEAM. Customers always comment on Carla's helpfulness and expert knowledge. She thinks outside of the box to reduce the stress of moving. Carla is a very dedicated team member and we thank her for helping us and our customers for the last 5 years.

Kerry Move Manager
Move Manager

Kerry started with our West Palm Beach location as a Move consultant in 2017. She quickly became known for her ability to de-stress a move for customers. This summer- 2018 she "moved" into operations as our Move Manager. Kerry is great at multi-tasking and handling all the calls managing 12 trucks and moves while keeping her cool! When Kerry isn't working she is binge watching TV shows or reading.