At TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, we’re strong advocates of using checklists when it comes to completing a home or business move. Moving can be a tedious and stressful process with many variables in play at all times. Having a plan to follow is crucial for a seamless experience.

Throughout our nearly four decades of helping people move forward, we’ve stressed the importance of using checklists, and have developed several different checklists to save our customers m a little bit of time and money as they prepare to move.

a couple with a mover showing information on a tablet
Moving Checklist

The definitive moving checklist from TWO MEN AND A TRUCK – this will help you f beginning one month out from moving day all the way through the time the movers pull away from your new home. This includes wrapping up life at your old home by switching addresses, packing up your belongings, and getting them loaded on to the moving truck to locking the doors at your old home and starting life at the new home.  Our goal is to help you eliminate moving day stress and ensure you know what to expect during the process as you prepare to move onto the next chapter in your new home.

a teenager packing a box with family members in the background
Packing Checklist

Packing isn’t easy, but we all know it’s the most necessary piece to completing your move. Having a well-thought plan paired with good old fashion organization can go a long way in not only giving you peace of mind with your upcoming move, but keeping your belongings protected throughout. This checklist covers everything from building out a plan ahead of time to packing up your old home and determining what supplies you’ll need to ensure your belongings are packed and ready to go.

junk removal expert explaining service to a customer on a tablet
Junk Removal Checklist

Similar to what you might find in our moving checklist, this checklist will prepare you for getting items you no longer want using our junk removal service. Being prepared ensures there are no last-minute surprises when the team arrives to begin your junk removal. The checklist covers important information leading up to your service such as what you’ll need to know on the day of and what items our junk removal teams aren’t able to dispose of.

a business manager directing a mover
Business Moving Checklist

Moving a business is a totally different experience than home moving. That’s why it’s important to us to ensure we can complete business moves with as little interruption to your operation as possible. The business moving checklist will cover everything you need to know about getting a move scheduled, as well as other tasks like working around the business’ regular operations and how we’ll handle the moving of your office belongings.