Moving Company Concerns

There’s no denying that moving is one of life’s top stressors. From leaving a place that you’ve formed meaningful memories in, to figuring out what needs to be packed and what needs to be tossed, there’s a ton on your plate.

At TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, we understand how delicate the packing and moving process can be, and have crafted our entire business around providing an enjoyable moving experience for our customers.

Naturally, like any service business, there are concerns people might have about hiring movers and letting them into your home. We want to assure every customer that each and every moving team we send on a move is here to make your life a little easier, one box at a time.

Movers are unreliable

Each and every moving team we send on a job has passed a drug screening, a background check, and has undergone thorough training to ensure they meet our standards and can get the job done right.

Movers are taking too long

With most local moves being charged at an hourly rate, we understand that time is literally money. Our moving teams are trained to move at an efficient pace and avoid distractions while meeting your needs.

Showing up when scheduled

Thanks to our wonderful customer service representatives, you’ll never be out of the loop with what’s happening on your move. We provide a day-before-the-move follow up call, and will alert you on the day of if any extenuating circumstances arise.


Sometimes it’s best to hear it from other customers, and at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, we try to be as transparent as possible. Reviews for each franchise location are easily accessible on our websites, so you can get a feel for what our customers have to say.


At TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, each of our locations are licensed to move in the states they operate, ensuring you’re never dealing with unauthorized movers when hiring TWO MEN AND A TRUCK.

Hidden/ Extra fees

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK always puts the customer first, and that’s why we never enforce hidden fees with our services. We provide the necessary legal documents and agreements to you before performing any services. Be sure to always get agreements in writing so you know exactly what your estimate outlines.

Validity of the company

Each TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchise has a visible US DOT number and physical address to prove validity, which can be found both online and on each of our moving trucks.

Movers hide company info

Reviews for each of our franchise locations are easily accessible on our website, and our movers and drivers receive move satisfaction scorecards to track how customers viewed their performance during each move.

Online reputation

Each of our franchise locations can be researched on popular review sites, including Google Yelp, and Facebook. Reviews of our franchise locations are also available on each location’s website, so you’re able to know exactly what you’re getting before completing a move with us.

Movers demand cash or large deposits

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving teams will never demand cash or large deposits in order to begin a move. The payment process is set up with our customer service representatives before any of your belongings are moved.

Movers don’t care about my belongings

The protection and safety of your belongings is of the highest concern when we’re completing your move. Our moving teams are licensed and insured to provide you peace of mind, and although we work as hard as possible to avoid damages, if any should occur, we’ll work with you to replace or repair any item.


Each moving team we send on a home move is licensed, bonded, and insured. This helps to take the stress off you as you work through the moving process, and lets you know your items are safe and secure.

Using day laborers

At TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, we never use the services of day laborers to complete moves. All team members are full or part-time, permanent employees of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK who have undergone proper training, and who have passed a drug screening and background check.

Movers are rude and unprofessional

Every member of our team is trained to live by our company Core Values, instilling a culture of respect and professionalism with each move.