Meet your Arlington Team

Thanking our men for all their months of hard work and effort throughout the year is very important to us. This year our annual holiday celebration consisted of table games where our movers could win raffle tickets that were then used to enter a raffle for gift cards, an HP laptop, Beats Headphones, and a 55” Roku Smart TV! In addition to these gifts, we acknowledged our movers for their outstanding referral rates and customer service scores individually.

Two Men And A Truck Holiday Celebration
Carl S., Employee of the month for Two Men And a Truck
Carl S.
Mover of the Month

Carl is our Employee of the Month for Alexandria! He has completed 25 moves in July with nearly a 50% return rate on reply cards, all while maintaining a 100% referral rate. Every card returned had perfect scores across the board! Carl always shows up with a positive attitude and takes pride in making sure his truck is safe and ready to go each day. His commitment and dedication to taking care of his customers and coworkers is indicative of him becoming our first two-time employee of the month for 2020. Great work, Carl!

Joshua H. Mover of the Month for Two Men and a Truck
Joshua H.
Mover of the Month

Joshua has perfect attendance, zero uniform infractions, and always the cleanest truck. Josh is heavily relied upon to tackle our biggest and most demanding moves and he takes on the job as the lead on our higher profile long hauls. He has completed the most long hauls this month and takes pride in his truck and moving our customers forward! Excellent work!

Carl S. Mover of the month for Two Men and a Truck
Carl S.
Mover of the Month

Carl is one of our most thorough drivers when it comes to safety and completing his inspections every morning. He has had no attendance infractions while completing 16 moves with 12 reply cards returned! Every customer gave Carl’s team a perfect score of all 5’s across the board with a 100% referral rate. Congratulations Carl and keep up the good work!

Employee of the month for Two Men and a Truck
Marcellus D.
Mover of the Month

“Quality is not an act, it’s a habit!” as Marcellus would say. With a 100% referral rate and customer service score of 5.0, we can clearly see that Marcellus doesn’t fail to live by this motto! We rely heavily on Marcellus to take on new employees and extend training into the field, and regardless of who he works with or how long they have been with us, he takes it in stride and never complains. He has helped groom and develop many of our current employees and we thank him for his effort!

Adalberto Varela, Employee of the Month for Two Men and a Truck
Adalberto V.
Mover of the Month

Adalberto is our February mover of the month! He has the most completed moves with one of the highest return rates, while also maintaining a 100% referral rate and a perfect attendance for the month. He always shows up to work on time with a positive attitude and tackles some of our most challenging and demanding moves. Adalberto strives to work hard for his family, coworkers, and customers. He definitely holds true to our core values!

Mile R. Mover of the Month for Two Men and A Truck
Mile R.
Mover of the Month

Mile R. is our mover of the month for January! He has completed the most moves out of all of our men while also maintaining a perfect attendance and 100% customer referral rate. Recently, he also progressed to driving 26-foot trucks which we are very proud of!

Ishmael Holmes, Mover of the Month for Two Men And A Truck
Ishmael Holmes
Mover of the Month

Ishmael has perfect attendance and always displays a positive attitude with no complaints. He knocked out 20 moves with flawless satisfaction scores and a 100% referral rate. His biggest accomplishment this month was completing his DOT certification which now allows him to do long hauls from state to state!

Regional Manager

Zach is the Regional Manager responsible for three TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchises in Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. In 2013, when franchisee Martin Pollack opened three franchises in the Northern VA/DC area, he asked Zach if he would help him run them. The team started with three used trucks, a small office, furniture they bought off of Craigslist, and a will to succeed. Zach now manages three offices, nearly 50 employees, and over 20 trucks and vehicles. His favorite aspect of the job is providing charity move assistance for lower income families and those in need due to domestic issues. Zach was born and raised in Northern Virginia and is very interested in supporting the community around him. When he is not moving people forward, Zach enjoys spending time with his wife and their dog, Frank, a very high energy Corgi.

Rick Maitra
Moving Consultant

Rick is one of our Move Consultants/Customer Service Representatives at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK. Born in New Delhi, India and raised in Fairfax, Virginia, he is currently a student and tutor at George Mason University majoring in Accounting and Finance. Rick has received an Associate of Science degree in Business Administration from Northern Virginia Community College. As a Customer Service Representative, he has an excellent record of great customer service, sales, and is bilingual, with the ability to speak Bengali. Rick is a passionate football fan, his favorite team being the Indianapolis Colts. In his free time he enjoys trying different types of food and spending time with his friends and family.

Mamud Sankoh
Mover Of The Month

We have to congratulate Mamud Sankoh for being our Mover Of The Month for April! Mamud joined our team in March, and a new team member he had a fantastic first month! During April, Mamud has received positive comments from customers and team members, received all-five reply cards, has a can-do positive attitude, and has a great attendance record. When Mamud is not exceeding expectations at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, you can find him spending time with his friends, working out outside, and enjoys going to local festivals.

Nadir Belt, Mover of the Month at Two Men and a Truck in Arlington, VA.
Nadir Belt
Mover of the Month

Nadir Belt is one of our most tenured employees. Having worked for multiple TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchises, he continuously brings new ideas and input to our team while always holding true to our core values. He earned our April mover of the month award by exemplifying top notch customer service and displaying stellar attendance. Having completed 25 moves in the month of April, Nadir maintained 100% customer satisfaction referral rate through our feedback surveys. In addition to tackling high profile moves, Nadir has also embraced our new Value Flex product line completing multiple services for satisfied customers moving all over the country!

Marcellus Dinkins, Employee of the Month for May at Two Men and a Truck
Marcellus Dinkins
Mover of the Month

Marcellus or Hercules? This month Marcellus completed 19 total moves with a 100% referral rate and the highest customer service average amongst all his peers. He always takes on all his moves with gusto. As a matter of fact, he’s on his way back from a move to South Carolina as we speak! Due to his dynamic, he has been chosen to conduct in-field training for other employees here at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK. His flawless attendance and positive attitude doesn’t go unnoticed between our customers and other movers as shown through his outstanding customer service score of 4.93! When asked about the best thing about working with us, Marcellus said, “I enjoy the camaraderie between all the movers, and the experience that comes with meeting new people every day.” We are very pleased with his work and know we can always depend on him.

Sean McLaurin, mover of the month for two men and a truck
Sean McLaurin
Driver of the Month

There isn’t enough space to say good things about Sean - with a customer service score of 5.0 and a referral rate of 100%, we know that every customer loves him! A quote that helps him get through the workday is, “Teamwork makes the dream work”, and his favorite thing about working with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is the workout he gets from doing the move and earning positive recognition from customers. He has accomplished 18 moves so far this month, and he looks forward to bowling and watching new movies on his well-earned days off! We thank Sean for being respectful and hardworking each and every day!

Adalberto Varela, Driver of the Month for Two Men And A Truck, Alexandria VA
Adalberto Varela
Driver of the Month

Adalberto is our August employee of the month! He has maintained perfect attendance, always requests the large moves, and gets along great with his fellow crew members. This month Adalberto completed 24 moves, received a customer service score of 5.0, and a 100% customer referral rate, so our managers decided to give him an opportunity to grow in the company. He has been training to become our newest driver here at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK! Aside from working with our team, he enjoys playing softball and baseball in his free time, and spending time with his kids and family.

Darnell Woodall, mover of the month for two men and a truck alexandria
Darnell Woodall
Mover of the Month

Darnell is our mover of the month! He is one of our most skilled movers and always takes on the most challenging moves. “I’ve been able to test my strength and have learned to move the most difficult pieces out of very tight spaces,” said Darnell. He has been able to maintain a 100% referral rate and perfect attendance this month which we really appreciate here at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK. Outside of work, Darnell enjoys creating music in his studio and spending time with his family.

Brian Crosson, Mover of the Month for Two Men And A Truck
Brian Crosson
Mover of the Month

The challenge of always adapting to any situation and making it work is what our employee of the month, Brian, likes most about working at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK! He also wants to thank his fellow veteran movers for helping him along the way and teaching him the ropes. Brian says, “If it was not for them, I would have not been chosen as employee of the month!” This month, Brian has completed more moves than any other employee while maintaining a 100% referral rate and is always on time to work and in perfect uniform. He believes that, “Part of being a champion is acting like one. You have to learn how to win, and not run away when you lose.”

Bryson P.
Bryson P.
Training & Recruiting Specialist

Bryson is our Training and Recruiting Specialist! He enjoys long walks to the fridge at night, and bringing the best out of people! You may not be able to tell from the photo but he always wears a big smile. He loves to have fun on the job and his favorite core value is “Be your best and have fun”. This speaks so much to who he is individually, and the culture we’ve been able to create at our office location.