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We are Hiring! 

Do you have what it takes to be a professional mover for Two Men and a Truck? We’re looking to expand our Greenville team! We offer competitive pay, benefits, the ability to earn tips, and a comprehensive training Path to Growth program. Apply online today!

Willie Sitton Two Men and a Truck Greenville, SC
Operations Coordinator

If you have moved with us in the past 17 years, it is likely you met Willie. Willie began his career with us 17 years ago and recently made the transition off of the truck and into the operations coordinator role. Who better to train than the most skilled driver we know! There are those that do, and those that do it right. Willie does it right, every single time. Outside of work Willie enjoys spending time with his family, grilling, and looking at furniture. We are totally joking about the looking at furniture hobby, but he sure does love moving it. We know you will have a great experience with us because Willie is the man behind the scenes!

Stacey Two Men and a Truck Greenville Moving
Move Consultant

If you have called our office, it is likely you spoke with Stacey. Originally from Northern Virginia, Stacey moved to Greenville in 1995 because she knew her home was here. Ironically, it only took her another 24 years to find us in 2019 but the wait was worth it. Stacey knows moving, like really knows it. She loves working with customers and finding the solution to each individual moving circumstance, which is why her picture is next to our core value of Care! If you call our office and feel a load off your shoulders afterward, it was probably Stacey. In her free time, Stacey enjoys spending time with her family and traveling. As long as her travels bring her back to us then we know our customers will be in good hands.

John Irvin Two Men and a Truck Greenville
In-Home Move Consultant

There are men, and then there is John. When we first met John we knew he would be a great addition to our team, but what we learned was that he is a man of many talents. John loves traveling around Greenville and talking with customers because he knows their stress will go away once he does. John's entire career path has all been about making others' lives more enjoyable and entertaining. I know you are thinking it and the answer is yes, John did own a movie theatre at one point. If he comes to your home for a free consultation, it is likely his shirt still smells of popcorn, but don't worry we do not charge extra for that. John is happily married with a beautiful daughter. In his free time, John enjoys camping, hiking, watching movies, and making memories with his family. Oh, and popcorn.

Tracey Allison TMT Greenville
Move Consultant

Tracey, where do we begin about Tracey? She began her career with us in 2021 as a move consultant. After spending twenty-five years in the tanning industry, the bulbs finally burned out. Her passion is people, whether you are tan or not. One time Scot, our interior design consultant, didn't leave the warehouse for two days and she made him go outside to see the sun. She does the same for all of our customers, except she just brings the sunshine with her personality. Tracey and her husband of 28 years have two daughters and are locals to Greenville. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling with her family, volunteering, and watching movies.

Jada Lawton Two Men and a Truck Greenville, Sc 2022
Customer Care Representative

Jada joined our team in February of 2022. Though she is a newer member of our team, it feels like she has been with us forever. That didn't sound right, we totally mean in a good way. Jada is currently studying marketing at Greenville Tech, which is ironic because her personality is so bright that she doesn't need to market herself at all. In her free time, Jada enjoys reading poetry, going to the movies, and baking. Roses are red, violets are blue. We really love Jada, and we know you will too!

Scot Williams Updated GSC
Interior Designer Services Manager

Scot prefers his name with only one "t", which is pretty neat. Scot joined our team in February of 2020 as a mover. One thing to know about Scot is that if there was a bet between a dog on the hunt and Scot's work ethic, I am afraid the dog would lose. In a short period of time, Scot moved his career forward and became the manager of our Interior Designer Services program. There was this one time we actually had to make Scot leave the warehouse to get some fresh air. That is what we call dedication and a lack of vitamin D. Outside of work Scot enjoys working on his cars and hiking various trails such as the Swamp Rabbit Trail and Paris Mountain. If you see Scot outside of work, make sure to say hello.

Angel Ellis Two Men and a Truck Greenville, Sc
Designer Services Team

Angel, what a cool name. It is almost impossible to not like someone with that name! Prior to joining our team, Angel worked in the white glove delivery service in Florida which made his impact on our Interior Designer Services program, immense. If you walk into our warehouse, he still has the gloves, though there are no MJ dance moves going on. In his spare time, Angel enjoys volunteering at juvenile detention centers, his church, and faith-based rehab programs. What did we just learn about Angel? I suppose that his name is fitting because he is always looking out for others. When you have someone like Angel on your team, it is impossible not to do great things! The most important thing to know about Angel is that his purpose every day is to spread to Word of Jesus, and that everyone can find grace in His love.

Stephen Mills Interior Designer Greenville SC
Stephen Mills
Designer Services Receiving Clerk

We would like to introduce you to Stephen. Stephen started with our company as a mover, where he spent 5 years learning the trade and gaining a fine eye for detail. With that fine of an eye, Stephen was the perfect fit for our Interior Designer Services program. Stephen enjoys being able to use his talents to improve the experience of our designers every single day. When Stephen is not inspecting furniture and making sure the warehouse is organized, he enjoys listening to music and road trips. If you listen closely, you can almost hear the sound of The Beatles playing in our warehouse. Thankfully the music is loud enough to drown out the singing. We hope you get to meet Stephen one day, just don't ask him to sing!

Colton Two Men and a Truck Greenville
Designer Services Delivery Driver

If you frequent that one place that serves the best chicken sandwiches, then you may have met Colton. Colton has left the chicken sandwich field to help us move customers forward which he loves doing. Trust us, it is his pleasure! Colton went to Clemson University, and almost quit when he found out the owners went to USC. It was a tough week, but we got through it. Outside of work he enjoys meeting new people, playing sports, helping his church, and grilling. We were going to ask what he likes grilling, but we have a suspicion it is chicken!


Bryan and Rebecca moved to Greenville, SC in 2002 to begin their career as franchisees. After twenty years, two children, a few dogs, multiple offices, a lot of trucks, and a couple of broken blackberries later, the Feldmans now call Greenville their home. Their hearts are for their community, for all of their employees, and for seeing people grow themselves professionally. They won't ever brag about themselves at all, so we will. One time when we were preparing budgets, Rebecca wanted to spend less money in marketing and reinvest it towards donating to charity. Who does that? The Feldman's do. They are also active in the Junior League of Greenville and the American Heart Association. Fun fact, Bryan started his career as a mover and worked his way into becoming a business owner. Outside of work The Feldmans enjoy spending time at the lake with their family and being involved in the community. If you ever eat supper with The Feldmans, block off three hours. We call them "Feldman Dinners", and they are the highlight of any week.