Meet Our Team!

Anthony Layre profile shot
Anthony Layre
Operations Manager

Meet our newest operations manager, Anthony Layre! Anthony has been with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK for one and a half years. He started with the company as a mover and a driver. Anthony also began to provide support to the customer care team at the beginning of the year and became a go-to person on both teams. One thing you should know about Anthony is that he has a dry sense of humor. When asked what his favorite thing is about his job he responded "Helping people move". Anthony says that a hidden talent of his is driving down narrow one-way streets in Philadelphia in a moving truck which is a talent any Philadelphian can appreciate. The top destination on his must-visit list is Greece and one thing that most people don’t know about Anthony is that he is interested in learning to play the piano.

Professional Move Consultant

Moving is stressful but when Victoria answers your call, all moving burdens are eliminated. As a Philadelphia native, she helps countless families navigate the narrow streets and transports all items safely and securely. When she is not working hard on your moving details, she enjoys spending time with her family and watching movies.

Laneeta Rose smiling in a chair
Professional Move Consultant

Meet our friendly Customer Service Representative, Laneeta. Leneeta says her favorite thing about working at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is the people she works with. She also enjoys problem-solving and helping people in difficult situations. Laneeta is driven by the desire to deliver great customer service and strives to make sure the customer is satisfied. Laneeta is also a team player and always willing to help where she can. Laneeta’s friends describe her as outgoing, friendly, and loyal. The most important advice she has ever received is to never give up. In her free time, Laneeta likes to sing karaoke, especially when it involves the song Respect by Aretha Franklin. Laneeta is also a football fan and cheers for the Eagles.

Sarah wearing a red shirt standing in front of a wall
Sarah Mohsen
Professional Move Consultant

Meet Sarah, one of our amazing Customer Service Reps! Sarah joined the team this year and says her favorite part of working at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK are the customers that she gets to meet. She says she meets all types of interesting people every day! Equally, her other favorite part of working here is her team and the family environment we have. She says her hidden talent is that she is bi-lingual. She likes that she is able to connect through language and that people don’t expect it.

Tim Crespo smiling
Tim Crespo
Professional Move Consultant & Driver

Meet Tim! He is one of our amazing drivers. Tim has been with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK for 4 years. During that time Tim has gained experience as a mover, driver, professional move consultant, trainer, and onsite estimator. Some of Tim’s hidden talents are photography as well as dance choreography. He has actually opened up a show for celebrity Nick Cannon and worked with dance crews who performed on the popular TV show "America’s Best Dance Crew". Tim said if he could have any superpower, it would be all the superman powers. He also said he would work for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK as his undercover day job to hide his super identity. He would use his super strength to move furniture and use his x-ray vision to see what is inside of each sealed moving box. Tim said the biggest recent change outside of work for him is buying a new house. The weirdest food he has ever eaten is a bagel with cream cheese and salmon. A memorable trip that changed him was his journey to Hawaii, specifically Honolulu, Kona the big Island, and Maui. He said he had never seen water that blue in his whole life.

Golden Dolly Winner July
Joe Kelly
Golden Dolly Winner July

Congratulations to our July Golden Dolly Award winner Joe Kelly. Joe has been a member of the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK team for over a year now and prides himself in customer service. Joe is a great communicator and believes good customer communication is one of the most important parts of the move experience. Outside of work, Joe enjoys quality time with family even if with social distancing it is just a phone call. Joe moved here from Florida two years ago. On the weekends you can catch Joe doing handyman work around the house or relaxing watching sports. Joe says his favorite part of the job is the comradery he shares with his teammates and the appreciation he receives from customers. Again congrats for winning this customer-voted award Joe, you deserve it!

Meet the Team
Ops Manager

Meet our newest Ops Manager Steve! Steve started as a mover/driver and always lead by example. His number one priority has always been to make the customer happy. As a mover, he made it a point to establish great communication with every customer so that he can be in tune with their every need. He has always set a strong example for the team and contributed to a culture of excellence. At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, he was one of the first to adapt to all safety measures setting an example as a peer leader. He upholds a personal standard and strives to make everyone around him better. He believes customers appreciate it when you give your full effort and surpass their expectations.
As a manager, his goal is to make sure our team gives the customer a "wow experience" on every move.