We're hiring! Join our talented team in Oklahoma City.

Meet The Team

Our team members are dedicated to help our community move forward.  We love to discuss upcoming moving plans with our customers!  Anyone that you come in contact with from our team, will treat you as if you were their grandmother; with dignity, patience, and respect.  Once a month, we all come together and discuss how we can improve our customer service over breakfast, lunch or dinner.  We discuss innovative ideas that will benefit our customers.  We know moving can be stressful; we operate with the mindset of customer service first; and moving second.  We want to make sure our services are nothing less than excellent.  If you see one of our friendly faces in public, please do not hesitate to say hello! 

Adam Mecke

"Having over 15 years in the industry really helps know exactly what to do to make a seamless move experience. I remember when I started on the trucks and never thought I would be in this position. I quickly grew to have a passion for moving our customers forward. I am now an owner and operator of the franchise. I can not see my self doing anything else!"

Relocation Specialist

"My commitment is to continuously strive to exceed our customers' expectations in value with a high standard of satisfaction. My personal goals are to distinguish myself as a quality provider of relocation services and to grow consistently by helping our customers move forward in all walks of life. Here at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® , we not only move homes we move hearts."