We are happy to add Junk Removal and Haul Away to our list of premium services at our Toledo location. We can help you tackle your "TO DO LIST" by removing your unwanted or unused items, large or small. Call us to haul away your old appliances, outdated fitness equipment, mattresses, extra furniture, or any other "junk" you have around the house. We will do ALL the heavy lifting to help you if you downsize, remodel, or just do spring cleaning.

Volume Price

1/8 Truckload

51 CU FT

1/4 Truckload

102 CU FT

3/8 Truckload

152 CU FT

1/2 Truckload

203 CU FT

5/8 Truckload

254 CU FT

3/4 Truckload

304 CU FT

7/8 Truckload

355 CU FT

Full Truckload

405 CU FT