We're hiring! Join our talented team in Cincinnati East.

We're All Family Here

Allow us to introduce you to the team that keeps the gears turning at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Cincinnati East! We believe we have the best and brightest around. These individuals do everything they can to "Move People Forward®" on a daily basis from helping you book a stress-free move to ensuring that your movers do the best job possible. Without further ado, meet your Cincinnati East team with a dream: 

Kayleen standing in the office
Kayleen Prusinski
Area General Manager

Kayleen joined our team in October 2014 and worked part-time at our Milford office. She has grown from being a part-time Customer Service Representative (CSR) to stepping into a lead CSR role. From there, she became Sales Manager and is now the Area General Manager over our Cincinnati North and Mason locations. Kayleen enjoys helping the people around her get better every single day. When Kayleen isn't spending her time at work, she's spending every minute with her family.

George standing in the office wearing a camo shirt
George Daniels
Operations Manager

George Daniels joined the Hamilton East Franchise in December of 2015. He has worked for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK since the Spring of 2008. George started as a mover and moved up to a driver. He was promoted to Operations Manager in November 2018. George has gained the respect of his team and is excited to continue providing great customer service. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family and traveling.

Andy standing in front of our moving truck
Andy Heindl
Marketing Representative

Andy started as a part-time Mover/Driver, working on the weekends to pay for school. He eventually joined our Cincinnati North team full-time in May of 2019 and has had the opportunity to learn multiple roles within the franchise. Andy was promoted to his Marketing role in early 2021. He loves having the opportunity to get out into the community to market our services, as well as helping to maintain a strong workplace culture here. Andy enjoys spending time with family and mountain biking in his free time.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Cincinnati East CSR Stephaine R
Stephanie Retzsch
Sales Leader

Stephanie joined our Mason team in July of 2014. She now works at our Cincinnati East location. Stephanie is an incredible asset to our team in the Cincinnati metro area because she trains many of our upcoming professional moving consultants. Stephanie enjoys working here because it is both rewarding and challenging. She has five grandkids and loves spending her free time with them. She enjoys dabbling in woodworking, as well as supporting local live music.

Casey standing in the office with her fingers crossed
Casey Monahan
Professional Moving Consultant

Casey started at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK in December of 2017. Since then she has enjoyed the opportunity to help people navigate through the stressful process of moving. When Casey is off the clock, she enjoys reading and spending time with her cats.

Photo of man standing in front of moving truck
Iel Freeman
Recruiting & Training Manager

Iel, (aka Freeman) started with our franchise as a Mover in April of 2021. Through hard work and determination, he was promoted to Recruiting Manager in June. In his role, Freeman enjoys giving people the chance to make good money at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK. He strives daily to outwork the competition in our talent market. Outside of work, Freeman describes himself as "a basic family man". His advice to other young professionals is to "work hard on what you're good at, but work even harder on what you're not good at - so that you continue to grow".