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Meet your Westchester Two Men Team!

Barbara D.
Office Manager

Barbara wears many hats on any given day, and does it with agility and excellence. As the title implies, she handles many of our administrative functions – processes, payroll, vendor relations, regulations, etc. – but she brings so much more. Whether it’s leading our acclaimed Movers for Moms® campaigns, generating estimates for our customers, or keeping us all up-to-speed on the latest training, she jumps in anywhere and everywhere, bringing value to both our company and our customers. Prior to joining TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, Barbara owned several Curves franchises here in NY.

Netzahy Villegas mover of the month for two men and a truck
Netzahy Villegas
Mover of the Month

We would like to congratulate Netzahy Villegas on receiving our Mover of the Month Award for April! Netzahy has been with Two Men and a Truck for over 3 years, holding the longest tenure at this location. He consistently arrives on time and ready to work, covers shifts for employees who need time off and has a great work ethic and big smile. Every reply card for the moves Netzahy was on had a referral recommendation for April. Netzahy enjoys playing soccer, watching boxing and going to the movies in his free time. He is a valuable asset to our team and we hope to have him around for many years to come!

Patrick Brown, employee of the month at two men and a truck in westchester, new york
Patrick Brown
Mover of the Month

Meet our May employee of the month! Patrick was early for work every day, showed up to all of his scheduled shifts, and even volunteered to work for all employees that called out or were on vacation! His motto is, “As long as the mission is accomplished, all is well” and we can surely see that his missions were always accomplished from his 100% customer referral rate! Outside of work, Patrick enjoys building custom tanks for reptiles and practicing MMA. We definitely appreciate his hard work and dedication to his job here at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK!

Danny Monti-Guzman, driver of the month for two men and a truck westchester
Danny Monti-Guzman
Driver of the Month

Danny has taken on more jobs than any other employee this month and always has availability to work extra hours whenever it’s needed. He has a great work ethic and attitude and we have even had customers request him for their next move! Danny is a great, hardworking driver and is comfortable working with anyone that is placed on his team. He enjoys playing football and soccer outside of work and even works on his mechanic skills!

Patrick Brown, Mover of the Month for Two Men And A Truck
Patrick Brown
Mover of the Month

Patrick is approaching his two year anniversary with the company! Since he joined our team he quickly showed how hard of a worker he is and a propensity to help new team members. It doesn’t matter who Patrick works with because he will always elevate their ability and continue to exceed customers’ expectations. He enjoys spending time with friends and family. Patrick puts an extremely high value on family and we are proud to have him as a part of ours. We appreciate everything you do! Be sure to request Patrick on your next move!