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Our entire Raleigh moving family is excited about the opportunity to call our new Capital Boulevard operations and storage facility home! This new location allows our team the opportunity to offer short-term and long-term storage to our residential and business clients who are in need. This facility not only offers 35,000 square feet in storage but will also allow the business to park 40 of our beautiful TWO MEN AND A TRUCK branded moving trucks onsite. This incredible capacity will not only allow our business the ability to service more RDU area customers, but also provides a chance to offer employment to more friends and neighbors in our respective communities!

The Best in Professional Moving

All of our moving team members are consummate professionals. They all experience extensive training before they ever step onto one of our moving trucks. This training occurs in a classroom setting and a mock household environment, where they learn all of the ins and outs of professional moving. Our movers take great pride in the level of expertise that they provide, as we all fully embrace our favorite core value, THE GRANDMA RULE®, which means to treat each customer the same way we would treat our own grandma.

Moving Services

Way above the living wage for team members

One of the hot topics in and around the Triangle as we move out of the Covid-19 pandemic is the "living wage" discussion and how it can impact members of our society.  Our TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchise locations opened in Raleigh-Durham in 1998 and we have built our reputation on the strength of our amazing moving team members. By always paying our relocation specialists far above and beyond not only minimum wage but the proposed "living wage" figure of $15 per hour, the Company has established ourselves as a leader in the community in terms of developing our personnel while also allowing them to have a career that affords a very stable lifestyle. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is always forward-thinking and we are proud to not only have the very best moving company in the Triangle but always an incredible place to work for our amazing team members.

What separates Two Men and a Truck from other Raleigh movers

  • Every new employee must first complete an extensive training program as well as ongoing safety training. 
  • All employees of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® must complete a nationwide background check and drug test, as well as ongoing random drug testing. 
  • Easy scheduling and flexible schedules to fit your busy life
  • THE GRANDMA RULE® - We treat EVERYONE we meet as we would like our grandma to be treated. 
  • All of our moving teams are equipped with all the necessary moving equipment and trucks to get your move completed effectively and efficiently. 
  • Our company is licensed with the North Carolina Utilities Commission (NCUC) and adhere to state rules and regulations for licensed movers
  • We are 100% locally owned and operated! 

Stress-Free Moving without the hassle

We all know that moving can be stressful. You are literally loading up every possession that you own and taking it somewhere new either locally or long distance. Factor in working with a real estate professional to sell your house, multiple showings in your home, negotiating with the Buyers, and finally selling the property. Sounds like a lot, right? The good news is that TWO MEN AND A TRUCK can handle the moving part of your relocation equation and we are the experts when it comes to stress-free moves. We can help move a sofa from one side of a room to another or we can pack and move your entire household across the country. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK always has your back!

Always Inclusive

Inclusion is a major factor in the success of our moving teams.  To be inclusive means providing equality of opportunity for all people

One of the major reasons that TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® has been so successful in the greater Raleigh-Durham market is our moving teams. We strive to hire the best of the best, and that philosophy means that we are always inclusive in our hiring practices because we feel that diversity breeds success. One of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK's most important Core Values is Inclusion. This means our brand provides equality of opportunity for all people regardless of race, gender, religion, or beliefs.  

Because of the number of universities that call the Triangle home, college moving and student storage are specialty services that our moving family loves to provide. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK of Raleigh is also a great resource for piano moving, local and long-distance deliveries, and last-mile concierge services. Check out Raleigh's premier moving company and all of the services that we offer in our community!

And always hiring

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Nothing can stop us!  We are doubling our fleet capacity in Raleigh, and looking for new managers to drive even more success.  If you are looking to join our award-winning, diverse, and fun team, at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® of Raleigh, we would love to hear from you(opens in a new window)

Virtual estimates

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK of Raleigh is enthusiastic to share a new way for us to give more accurate estimates through video messaging! Our professional relocation consultants use Gruveo, which is a video conferencing service to chat with you! The entire process is very easy. We schedule a time that works for both parties and perform a walk-through of your home or business together virtually. This allows our consultants to view all of your belongings in real-time and provide the most accurate estimate possible! Simple, right?

long distance move Authorities

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® has always provided the highest level of moving service to our local Raleigh customers. We hire the very best candidates and train them to handle your belongings like they were their own. This approach to superior moving is not only for our local RDU customers but for those moving into and out of the great state of North Carolina. Our moving teams communicate throughout the move process, our branded moving trucks all have GPS tracking, and the same crew members who load you in the Triangle also deliver your items in your new hometown. We also feel that sharing as much information as possible is critical to any successful relocation and that is why we always make sure our customers are "Ready to Move."

Boxes and packing supplies

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® has established ourselves as Raleigh's premier moving company. We have accomplished this by becoming a one-stop shop when it comes to all things related to moving your stuff from Point A to Point B. There is no way to handle a safe and effective move without the proper equipment and that includes boxes. We carry a large of array of boxes in all shapes and sizes and we even offer free delivery for orders over $50. We also have a Box Calculator to help insure that you get exactly what you need to make your move a great one!

A Box Calculator which shows the amount of packing boxes needed per home square footage


The world is getting smaller which means that there are lots of opportunities to move pretty much anywhere in the world. At TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, we stick with the continental United States and we have multiple options to help get your stuff from Point A to Point B. One of those is our Value Flex® Cardboard Crating program. In this initiative, our team loads a heavy-duty cardboard container and it is loaded onto a freight truck and shipped to your destination. The crate is very tough (and waterproof) and the entire process can take a couple of days or maybe a couple of weeks. It is not as fast as our traditional long-distance model where our moving trucks and crews take you all the way, but it is much more cost-effective. Interested? Call, text, or email us today and get your quote started for your very own Value Flex® Cardboard Crate!

Core Values

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK has also established a set of core values that we live by.

  • Integrity: To always conduct oneself with honesty and fairness.
  • Give back to the community
  • THE GRANDMA RULE®: To treat everyone the way you would want your Grandma to be treated.
  • Care: To have compassion for family, customers, co-workers and community.
  • Be your best and have fun: To be the best professionally and personally while enjoying life and having fun.
  • Inclusion: To welcome people from all backgrounds in the workplace and the community.

high demand and current employment situation

The secret is out!  The Triangle is a wonderful place to live!  Because of this, there are lots of people moving to Raleigh-Durham. Once they arrive in RDU, they also like to move around to all of the amazing towns in the area. This has created a tremendous amount of demand in the market to the point that local moving companies are struggling to meet the need. At TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® of Raleigh, we appreciate all of the attention but refuse to sacrifice quality. We don't just hire "warm bodies."  We have always operated a drug-free workplace, with background-checked staff members, and they are all professionally trained. We are ramping up to meet the demand of our RDU clientele, but slow and steady in a controlled manner.  It is the only way to properly care for our customers!

Raleigh's on-campus moving company

Raleigh-Durham is an area of our country that is famous for our colleges and universities. If North Carolina, N.C. State, Duke, or any of the other schools are your choice, we’re ready to be your choice to help you move there! TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® of Raleigh has worked to build our brand based on flexibility, understanding, and superior moving know-how. Our knowledge includes homes, businesses, and of course – college moving. We have been serving the greater Raleigh/Durham market since 1998 and in that time, we have learned exactly what it takes to be a trusted partner at each of the area universities.

When the school year ends, we can also send our moving experts to pick up all of your college student's possessions and deliver it to our climate-controlled storage facility for the summer break. When classes resume in the fall, we will happily deliver the items to their new dorm or apartment at a time that is convenient for you!

The only choice when it comes to business moving in RDU

Our team of hard-working professionals not only create moving experiences at your home, but they are also well-equipped to help with your next Business move as well.  We are centrally located on Capital Boulevard at I-440 and our moving specialists can handle both large and small business moves.  Time is always of the essence in your business and that is why we offer flexible scheduling with your business' needs in mind.  Time is money in the business world and we strive to minimize or even eliminate all interruptions that could cost you money.  Whether your relocation needs are just a few desks moving within your Raleigh-Durham office, or a full pack-and-move across the country, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® of Raleigh is the only name to remember!  Call, text, or email us today and we will get your next business move started!