Moving Supplies

With a wide selection of boxes and supplies to choose from, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK offers everything you need to pack for your upcoming move. Our high-quality moving boxes are perfect for multiple uses, and even for long-term storage.

Small boxes

Small Box

Pack heavy items such as books, records, tools and files. Remember the heavier the items, the smaller the box.

$ 2.00
Medium box

Medium Box

This box is ideal for shoes, purses, pots, pans, food, or toys.

$ 3.00
Large box

Large Box

Large boxes are perfect for bigger, lighter items such as lamp shades, bulky blankets, or towels.

$ 4.00
Dish Barrel box

Dish Barrel

These are heavy duty boxes designed for china and glassware, keeping them safe during a move.

$ 5.25
Wardrobe box

Wardrobe Box w/ Bar

These handy boxes allow you to hang clothing in them, straight from your closet.

$ 11.50
Mirror box

Large Mirror Box

These are four-piece, adjustable boxes used for packing flat items.

$ 7.75


Packing tape is used to secure all contents within boxes during a move.

$ 1.50
Packing paper

Packing Paper - 10LB

This is used to wrap everyday items for proctection from scratching and can be used as cushion in boxes.

$ 10.50
Bubble wrap

Bubble Wrap - Small Roll

Ideal for smaller, fragile items.

30 Sq ft.
$ 4.99
Moving pads

Moving Pads

These are quilted pads to protect furniture.

$ 15.00
roll of carpet shield plastic adhesive

Carpet Shield

$ 40.00
dish cell that is placed inside boxes to separate dishes from damage

Dish Cell

$ 8.75
moving pad blanket

Storage Pad

$ 10.00
roll of plastic stretch wrap

Stretch Wrap

$ 15.00
large cardboard moving box

Used - Box - Large

$ 1.00
a used box in good condition

Used - Box - Medium

$ 1.00
two small cardboard moving boxes

Used - Box - Small

$ 1.00
dish barrel box

Used - Dish Barrel

$ 1.00
wardrobe box with bar

Used - Wardrobe Box w/ Bar

$ 7.50

*Prices are subject to change and may not reflect taxes. Additional boxes may be available for purchase.*