Some of Our People That Make It Happen Every Day:



Our mascot Truckie loves to attend events; parades, Charity events and just showing up at hospitals etc. to cheer kids in the coming year.  We have some amazing guys who look tough, but really are very tender hearted and love to give to the community.  Truckie will be making his rounds and bringing a smile to many people in the upcoming months.


Nanette Hornbuckle

Nanette joined TWO MEN AND A TRUCK in January 2016. She handles all the internal audits for the company. For the past five years, she worked at Walmart's Corporate office as a Senior Global Investigator conducting investigations in corporate fraud, commercial corruptions, embezzlement, and FCPA allegations in the US, Brazil and China. She graduated from University of Missouri in 2002 with a BA in History, Religion and Psychology and became a Certified Fraud Examiner in 2010. She has enjoyed working for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK and respects the core values and missions statement. In her free time she enjoys running, reading and traveling.

Clint Bergman General Manager for Springfield MO
Clint Bergman
General Manager, Co-Franchisee

Clint is the General Manager and Co-Franchisee over TWO MEND AND A TRUCK Springfield and Branson. Clint has a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies, is a husband and proud father of 3 children. Clint was born in Texas, but now resides in the Springfield area. Clint brings his gift of teaching to our team and his enthusiasm and motivation is felt by all. Clint is very organized and helps our team stay on top of each task at hand.

Sharla Hannaford accountant for Springfield MO
Sharla Hannaford

Sharla started working for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK in August of 2014 as the accounting assistant and in January 2016 she was promoted to the lead Accountant position. She has worked with numbers all of her working career. It is a challenge to her to make sure everything matches and the books are balanced. she has really enjoyed learning the moving industry and really likes working for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family and enjoys the great outdoors.

Grant Hornbuckle Franchisee Springfield MO
Grant Hornbuckle

Grant has been a part of the Springfield, Missouri location of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® since 2004. He started out as an Operations Manager and has since progressed from General Manager, to part Owner and now sole Owner of the business. Prior to TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, he was a sales representative for Kraft Foods. He obtained his Bachelors of Science degree in Business Management from Missouri State University, right here in Springfield. Moving is said to be one of the most stressful things that people go through and he loves having the opportunity to help people through that. He has lived in the Springfield area all of his life and feels this area is not only a great place to live, but also to own a business. In his past time he enjoys running, basketball, snow skiing, camping, reading, canoeing and playing guitar. He feels he is very blessed to be a part of this community and TWO MEN AND A TRUCK.

Maddie McIntire
Maddie McIntire
Relocation Specialist

Maddie has been a relocation specialist with us this entire year. She is positive, helpful, willing to learn, and do anything and is very reliable. During the initial months of the pandemic, she even offered to do more when we were short of people and continues to shine for us today. Thank you Maddie for your dedication and work ethic.

levi - operations team lead
Levi Lynch
Operations Team Lead

Levi has been with the company for quite some time and has always been a spark and catalyst in whatever he does. He brings a great attitude and work ethic to the table every day. He can work with anyone and flex and adjust as necessary to accomplish any task. He wants to keep learning to sharpen his skill sets and because of all these things Levi has been asked to take the next step and become a Team Lead in our operations department. He is directly responsible for training and leading 30-40 movers and drivers and helping ensure that we satisfy customers and take care of each other in the process.

Relocation Specialist
Kaydie Hayes
Relocation Specialist

Kaydie joined the Springfield, MO TMT franchise mid-spring and brings a positive, upbeat enthusiasm to the team. She was ready from the get-go to learn as much as she could so she could start contributing to the team's success as fast as possible. Kaydie enjoys time with her family and shares a common affinity for all things Jimmy Johns. Welcome to the team Kaydie and thanks for all your contributions to this winning team.

Maggie Hopke, Relocation Coordinator
Maggie Hopke
Relocation Coordinator

Maggie is our newest Relocation Coordinator and has stepped right in with a great attitude and has been contributing to the team since. She brings a lot of experience from her time with Home Depot and is a Star Wars fan. Welcome aboard Maggie!

Relocation Specialist
Miranda Hallmark
Relocation Specialist

Miranda comes to TWO MEN AND A TRUCK from the teaching world. She brings a positive attitude, contributes to the team environment, and loves concerts. We look forward to Miranda making some waves in the sales department and helping our team get better each day. Welcome aboard Miranda.

pat - operations manager
Pat Tyrance III
Operations Manager

Pat is a tenured operations manager with multiple years in the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK system. He began his career in Lincoln, NE, and has recently transferred to our Springfield, MO team. He has risen from a mover to driver, to team lead, to operations manager, and exemplifies the core purpose of moving forward. Pat has many talents and skillsets, along with his education and experience, that will help our company succeed. We are incredibly excited for all that he brings to the table and it is a joy to welcome him to our team.