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Team Members Who Make It All Happen

Our team is at the core of our business and the reason why we are able to perform so many successful moves.  Check out our team on and off the trucks and the ones that move our business forwards. You might even see a familiar face!

Mover of the Month - February
Sam Enriquez
Mover of the Month - February

Sam Enriquez is a regular Mover of the Month, and it is easy to understand why. Besides consistently high customer service scores, just look at the guy! He exudes confidence. If Sam shows up at your doorstep for your move, rest easy, your Valentine has arrived :-) If you want to have a gift for him, he prefers chocolate to conversation hearts (just saying). His favorite wintertime activity is "moving couches in -10 degree weather". Oh, hardy har har... Have I mentioned Sam's sense of humor? His manager, Josh, loves this guy. "Sam is one of the hardest workers I have ever met". This is coming from a guy who did his time on the trucks, too, before moving to management. High praise. Thanks for your efforts, Sam, and I hope you got all the chocolates you needed on Valentines Day.

Mover of the Month - January
Eric Barajas
Mover of the Month - January

When you are perfect, you are perfect. Eric Barajas ought to know, because he boasting a 5.0 out of 5.0 customer service score, and oh what's that? Oh yeah, he has a 100% referral rate. Yowza! That's the stuff right there. Eric doesn't really brag about it, though, because when you operate on his level you let your actions doing the talking. Even though it is the middle of winter, Eric doesn't mind. I asked what is the one winter tip he would give our customers, and he said, "if possible, please shovel the driveway before we arrive". This is a great piece of advice, and it comes from a good place. Eric *will* shovel for you if necessary, but you will save money if you do it yourself. Eric is thinking of you, and your pocketbook! It's no longer 2020 (thank the stars!), and Eric is looking forward to, hopefully, the end of masks this summer. Who knows, Eric, but I hope you are right. Thanks for your hard work in these hard times. We appreciate it, and you!

Mover of the Month - December
Benton Olson
Mover of the Month - December

Happy Holidays, Benton Olson! You are our Mover of the Month... Again. If I recall correctly, you held this honor a couple of times last year, and here you are again! This time, though, you got your spiffy new TWO MEN AND A TRUCK jacket. Looking good, my friend! Benton treats our customers well, and they reward him with high customer service marks. That's how this works, but all Benton wants for Christmas is "not a lot of snow". GASP! What kind of Minnesotan are you?! When asked what he hoped for the new year, Benton answered that he wants everything to go back to normal. I think we can all get behind that sentiment. Thanks so much for what you do, Benton.

Dan- TMT Regional Manager
Dan McLaughlin
Regional Manager

Dan's the man! He's been working here for seventeen years! He came to us years ago as a driver, then climbed the ladder to general manager, and is now one of our regional managers. He wants to talk with you about your move, trust me. Just call, and ask for him. Dan is all about customer service, and he lives it every single day. When he isn't at work, he is coaching his kids' sports teams or bowling. Seriously, he has more bowling balls than you do; even if actually own one yourself. Whether it is about a move, or bowling, Dan is waiting for your call.

Jillian DeMarco
Customer Service Rock Star

Chances are high that when you call us, Jillian will answer. She is one of our "Sales Eagles" which means she regularly books more the $100,000 worth of moving services per month. That's a lot, but it not about the money, really. It is about the sheer number of customers that number represents. There is a reason Jillian is so successful: She genuinely cares about the people who put their trust in TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®. When she isn't "wowing" our customers, she hangs out with her nieces and nephews, and co-workers.