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Employee of the Month - Feburary
Jake Gumphrey
February Employee of the Month
Jake loves fishing, but he is more passionate about family. He is a new dad (round of applause), and he thinks of his fellow team members as family, too. Jake works hard to keep his customer service scores high, and if he shows up on your doorstep for your move, breathe a sigh of relief – you are in good hands.
Burnsville General Manager Dan McLaughlin
Dan McLaughlin
General Manager
Dan McLaughlin is the general manager for our Burnsville, South St. Paul, and Shakopee locations. If there is one thing to know about Dan, it is that he wants to talk to you. He really wants to talk to you. When he isn't "wow-ing" our customers, he keeps busy with his family, bowling, and coaching bowling and soccer to kindergarteners. The man has bowled 300 before (that's a perfect score), and he knows how to travel with bowling balls (yes, plural). He also loves pizza, and I suspect that the bowling and pizza go hand-in-hand. Give Dan a call if you want to talk about moving, packing supplies, or bowling. Have I mentioned that he wants to talk to you?

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Spruce up your desk with fun DIY cardboard décor

June 5, 2017
-Project by Cathryn Armstrong and Anna Stephens  Are you looking to freshen up your office desk, dorm room, or bedroom? This cute and easy craft is the perfect way to dress up and personalize your work space. Décor can be so expensive, so stick to your guns (glue guns, that is) and do it yourself!Continue Reading