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Meet the Macomb County Team

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Our Team
Drivers and Movers
Our Drivers and Movers are all hired and trained in-house. We take pride in sending out the best guys for each and every job!
Connie Howe franchisee two men and a truck macomb
Connie Howe
Franchisee, President
Connie opened this franchise nearly 25 years ago and has maintained the family-run local franchise to serve Macomb County. Her commitment to exceed our customers’ expectations while serving our community has not faltered during this quarter century. Travel, golf, and her dog are some of her many interests outside of the business.
lisa gaber general manager two men and a truck macomb
Lisa Gaber
General Manager, Vice President
Lisa has worked with her mother, Connie, since the opening of our franchise in 1991. She originally started with the company working out of the basement of her Roseville home while raising 2 young children. She is now the Vice President of our franchise and is the driving force to keeping our team committed to satisfaction and serving our community. Lisa enjoys time with her friends and family, tennis, golfing, and traveling in her spare time.
dave gaber claims and operations manager two men and a truck macomb
Dave Gaber
Operations and Claims Manager
Dave started with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® at the very beginning when Connie opened up the Macomb County franchise. He was an apprentice in the building trades at the time. Once operations were up and running he went back to complete his apprenticeship and continued his construction career. With over 20 years of experience managing large projects in the commercial and industrial construction industry, five years ago Dave rejoined TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®. He has been an invaluable addition to our team as Operations Manager. He oversees our teams of 30+ movers by consistently training, guiding, and assisting our teams of movers to complete jobs that exceed our customers’ expectations. Dave has been married for over 20 years and loves to enjoy time with his 3 kids on his boat in the summer.
Shayna Dwojakowski marketing manager two men and a truck macomb
Shayna Dwojakowski
Marketing Coordinator
Since it is a family-owned and operated business, it seems fit that Lisa’s daughter Shayna would also join the team. She began 6 years ago as a customer service representative, eventually being promoted to on-site consultant, and now oversees the marketing efforts of the company. In her free time she enjoys time with friends, family, and her cute little dog (our office mascot!).
paul neuman move manager two men and a truck macomb
Paul Neuman
Move Manager
Move manager, Paul, has been diligently working to improve our team for over 10 years. He, as many managers and franchisees do, started by working on the trucks. His hard work, knowledge, and positive attitude promoted him to assistant manager. Paul has 3 beautiful granddaughters who he enjoys spoiling when he's not at the bowling alley.
Donnie strohbeck assistant operations manager two men and a truck macomb
Donnie Strohbeck
Assistant Operations Manager
Our assistant operations manager, Donnie, can be found around the office daily. He not only works with our teams of drivers and movers, but works on our fleet of trucks to ensure they are safely and properly running. Donnie is another manager who is a boat enthusiast.
courtney powell lead customer service representative two men and a truck macomb
Courtney Powell
Lead Customer Service Representative
Courtney is our friendly, helpful lead customer service representative. She has been with the company for over 2 years and continues to learn all of the ins and outs of moving. She can provide you not only with an accurate quote, but a realistic idea of what to expect on moving day and how you can prepare yourself. Courtney is passionate about her family, animals, and music!
paige kratz customer service representative two men and a truck macomb
Paige Kratz
Customer Service Representative
Paige is the newest addition to our growing customer service representative team. With experience from working in law offices, she quickly learned to convert her receptionist skills into a customer service oriented mindset. Paige enjoys spending time with her family and loves to read!
jackie, kelley, customer service representative, two men, macomb
Jackie Kelley
Customer Service Representative
Jackie had worked for us previously as a customer service representative and marketing coordinator. She recently decided to join the team again because it is the most fun job she has had! We are so lucky to have her back on the team! She enjoys playing with her band, hosting karaoke, and spending time with her family and 2 kids!
top 10, movers, moving, guys, award
Kimron B & David G
Kimron earned 1st place and David earned 10th place out of all movers in the country for the year! Their dedication to making each move as seamless as possible paired with their amazing attitude earned them this coveted spot! We are so thankful for everything they do.

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