Meet Your Portland Movers!

Justin Valez
Justin Valez
September Move Hero

Congratulations to Justin Valez, our September Move Hero. Justin enjoys working with his fun and hardworking friends. He enjoys the new and challenging situations each job brings. His favorite ore value is "be your best and have fun"! When asked who would be his dream celebrity to move, "Matt Lessard, because he is a legend" Interesting answer!

Roger Knopfel
August Move Hero

Roger is our hero. He came to Portland from our St. Louis office to help out when we were down a man or two. He has taught us so much in the short time he was here. With his many years of moving experience, he has shared multiple tips and tricks to make the move the best experience for our team as well as our customers. When Roger was not sharing his skills with the team he was exploring Portland and sending food pictures home to make his landlocked friends in St. Louis jealous. We hate to see him go but St. Louis misses their rock star!

Matt Lessard
Matt Lessard
May Mover of the Month

Congratulations to Matt Lessard, our May Mover of the Month. Matt started his journey in August of 2018. He is currently a Driver Supervisor and likes to tell customers his name is Ethan. He loves working at TMT and considers his coworkers his second family. He has a great time at work and even gets a great work pout. His favorite core value is THE GRANDMA RULE®, you never know what someone is going through, so treat them like you would your grandma. His dream move would be Boston Celtic’s legend Larry Bird because he is a legend, just like Colin, his General Manager.

Matt Lessard and Josh Landry
Matt Lessard and Josh Landry
February Move Heroes

February was quite a month, so good that we could not pick one Move Hero, we picked two!

Matt Lessard is a Driver Supervisor he enjoys his coworkers and the friendly environment at TMT. His favorite core value is THE GRANDMA RULE®, he loves treating everyone like he would treat his GramGrams.

Josh Landry is a mover in our Portland office. He loves coming to work and feels that this is his second family. His favorite core value is also THE GRANDMA RULE®, if you follow it the customer will always be happy.

December Mover of the Month

Billy is our December Mover of the Month. His favorite part of the job is his coworkers, he is not too sure about Colin, the General Manager though;). When asked about his most challenging move, he says any move with "heavy stuff". His favorite time of year to work is the fall season because of the beautiful scenery in Maine. Billy strongly dislikes talking about himself but the customers and his coworkers still love him!

Alex Storey
Alex Storey
October Mover of the Month

Alex started with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Portland in June of this year. He quickly became a Driver/Supervisor. When asked, Alex would use the following to describe TWO MEN AND A TRUCK: Efficient, fair and friendly. Winter is his favorite season. He likes to hunt and go target shooting outside of work. One thing people would be surprised if they knew this about him: Huge Taylor Swift fan!

Josh Landry

Josh Landry is our March 2019 Mover of the Month! Josh started with us in Portland about a month ago and has become such a huge asset to our company ever since day one. He became part of our big family in no time, customers love having him, and his positive attitude is contagious! Thank goodness the summer is coming, because he says that the toughest thing he had to get used to when he started here was working in the cold and having to layer up. The snow is almost completely melted, Josh, stay strong! His favorite job so far was for a customer moving into assisted living. It was a move that happened over several days, which made our crew’s connection with this customer (and her family) strong and meaningful. The customer even took the time to leave a thoughtful review on our Facebook page!

When asked what three things make Josh smile during a move, he responded: “having a good crew, when the customer has a cute dog, and when the customer is kind and considerate during the move.” Those are all pretty great reasons to smile, Josh (especially cute dogs!). Everyone here in Portland is so thankful for Josh, his witty sense of humor, and hard work. He impresses customers on a daily basis, shows up on time, and never complains about a long day or difficult job. That’s why he has been chosen for Mover of the Month! Cheers, Josh!

jesse - customer service representative
Jesse Berke
Customer Service Representative

Jesse Berke has been working for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK since October of 2018. He started as a mover and even volunteered as a Customer Service Representative during the busy months. After a few months of back and forth between mover and customer service representative, Jesse made the tough decision to hang up his keys and help our customers in the office. The open road still calls to him so don't be surprised if you see him on the trucks every now and then! His favorite part of the job is the customer interactions and being able to provide them with a sense of comfort during what is for most considered to be a stressful time. When not at work Jesse can be found listening to a vast array of music, watching baseball or drumming. His beat box skills keep the office entertained!

Billy two men portland
Mover of the Month- September
Billy Henry

Billy is our September Move Hero! We asked him who would be his dream customer to move, Wiz Kalifah, because it would probably be a really relaxed move. No doubt! When he is not dreaming about relaxed moves he enjoys sitting on his porch with friends and freestyle rapping. THE GRANDMA RULE® is the core value that means the most to him.