Meet Your Portland Movers!

Michael headshot
Michael Spalding
Mover of the Month

Michael started in June of this year. Originally from Maine, he just moved back from California to put roots back down here. He has wedged himself into our tight knit culture here in Portland and has become one of our top driver-supervisors. Michael likes the ability to work with new people every day, and strives to make sure each customer is convinced they made the right choice in choosing TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®. He’s looking to one day start his own law practice here in Maine, but is excited he was able to find a place he enjoys coming to everyday until then!

jesse - customer service representative
Jesse Berke
Driver Supervisor

Jesse Berke has been working for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK since October of 2018. He started as a mover and even volunteered as a Customer Service Representative during the busy months. Alas, Jesse missed the great outdoors and the open road was calling him. He is back on the trucks and out of the office! His favorite part of the job is the customer interactions and being able to provide them with a sense of comfort during what is for most considered to be a stressful time. When not at work Jesse can be found listening to a vast array of music, watching baseball or drumming. His beat box skills keep the office entertained!

Josh Landry

Josh Landry is our March 2019 Mover of the Month! Josh started with us in Portland about a month ago and has become such a huge asset to our company ever since day one. He became part of our big family in no time, customers love having him, and his positive attitude is contagious! Thank goodness the summer is coming, because he says that the toughest thing he had to get used to when he started here was working in the cold and having to layer up. The snow is almost completely melted, Josh, stay strong! His favorite job so far was for a customer moving into assisted living. It was a move that happened over several days, which made our crew’s connection with this customer (and her family) strong and meaningful. The customer even took the time to leave a thoughtful review on our Facebook page!

When asked what three things make Josh smile during a move, he responded: “having a good crew, when the customer has a cute dog, and when the customer is kind and considerate during the move.” Those are all pretty great reasons to smile, Josh (especially cute dogs!). Everyone here in Portland is so thankful for Josh, his witty sense of humor, and hard work. He impresses customers on a daily basis, shows up on time, and never complains about a long day or difficult job. That’s why he has been chosen for Mover of the Month! Cheers, Josh!

Colin Bergeron
General Manager

Colin Bergeron has been working for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK since June 2015. He started as a mover in our Boston location. Through hard work and dedication Colin was made a Franchisee of the Portland location. He enjoys bringing a smile to the face of every customer and making them feel reassured and happy through the stresses of moving. He feels the best part of working at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is spending everyday with people who share the same values and bring enthusiasm to the job. When Colin is not working, he is spending time with his dogs.

Joshua Saklad
Customer Service

Josh Saklad has been with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK since May 2016. Josh is glad to be in his home state of Maine, where he got his undergraduate education at USM, helping move people forward. Josh's favorite part of the job is helping explain the great services that we offer that customers aren't aware of. When Josh isn't working he is cooking, dancing, exercising or spending time with close friends and family.