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Operation Manager
Preston Haverkamp
Operations Manager

Preston joined the team as a mover with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Wichita in June of 2012 and about a year later began working in the office where he performed as both a move consultant and eventually a location manager until leaving in late 2014. After spending some time away in a different career, Preston came back to TWO MEN AND A TRUCK in 2018 as an Operations Manager and is very passionate about helping us maintain a high level of satisfaction with our customers. When he is not at work, he enjoys spending time with his other half Maeghan and their five children.

Mary Blea
Office Manager

Mary joined TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Wichita as a Move Consultant in June of 2013 shortly after obtaining her Associate in Business from Friends University. Mary’s attention to detail and leadership skills made an immediate impact and she became the Office Manager a few months later. When she isn't working, Mary enjoys listening to music as well as spending time with her children and grandchildren.

James Hawkins
Move Consultant

James joined the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Wichita team in July 2012 as a mover, and within a couple of months advanced to become a driver. He joined the office team in January of 2013, and has been there ever since. When he isn't working, James is a medic in the Army National Guard and also enjoys reading and spending time with his wife and children.

Marketing Specialist
Renee Carrion
Director of Community Engagement

Renee joined our team as our Director of Community Engagement in October of 2018. She enjoys being out in our community, connecting with others, and building new relationships. Her passion and enthusiasm are infectious! She is a Wichita Chamber of Commerce member, Hispanic Chamber, W/Young Professionals, Latino Professionals, and Apartment Association of Greater Wichita. In March of 2021, Renee has been appointed the District 6 seat for Wichita's first-ever Diversity Inclusion & Civil Rights Board. Our TWO MEN AND A TRUCK family are very proud of her, and we are excited to see what the future holds for her. When she is not at work, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends and volunteering with several non-profit organizations; she is always on the move, but she makes certain that she balances her life out to spend time with her kids and grandkids.

Move Consultant
Bahati Samson
Move Consultant

Bahati started working for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK in April of 2017. He started as a Mover and then moved up to Mover/Driver. In April, he decided he wanted to continue building his skills and accepted a position in the office as a Move Consultant. He enjoys taking calls and assisting customers with setting up their moves and loves to continue to do his part in Moving People Forward®. When Bahati is not in the office, you will find him outside playing soccer, but most importantly, is spending time with his wife and two boys.

Colton Busick
Colton Busick
Move Consultant

Colton joined our team as a driver with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Wichita in July of 2018 and was promoted to a move consultant in February of 2020. He enjoys spending his time with his wife, Kaylee, and his one year old son, Jaxon. Colton is excited to continue to grow in his career with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK.

Gaby Soto Moving Consultant
Gaby Soto
Move Consultant

Gaby recently graduated from Wichita East High School in May of 2020. She was hired as a Move Consultant in August of 2020 and is very excited to have been given the opportunity to start a career with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK. She enjoys working with the public and is ready to help move people forward with her new work family. When Gaby is not working, she is involved in a dance group called "Danza Tadeo" and when she is not dancing you will find her spending time with loved ones and making great memories.

Kyle Assistant Operations Manager
Kyle Nunley
Assistant Operations Manager

Kyle joined our team as a mover in 2015. He then advanced to a driver in 2017. He had left for a few short months but is very excited to be back with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK and in a brand new position! Kyle is now one of three Assistant Operation Managers and eager to learn more about the daily operational aspects of the business. When Kyle is not working, he enjoys spending quality time with his wife, 2 kids, and the family dog.

Move Consultant
Lexi Rufe
Move Consultant

Lexi joined our team in October 2020 and is thrilled about starting her new career as a Moving Consultant with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Wichita. She is very much a people person and is passionate about helping others. Lexi is ready and willing to learn all she is able to so that she is able to give the best customer care to our customers. When Lexi is not working you will find her spending time with her beautiful kids or helping out with Diaper Jam. Diaper Jam is a wonderful cause that takes diaper donations to give back to the Wichita Children's Home.

Steve Camino, Assistant Operations Manager
Steve Camino
Assistant Operations Manager

Steve joined our team in July of 2016. He started as a mover, moved up to a driver, and as of September of 2020 he moved once again and is now Assistant Operations Manager. Steve is very excited to learn and grow in his new position with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK. When Steve is not working he enjoys working on cars, but most importantly he enjoys spending quality time with his wife and 2 kids.

Move consultant
William Quach
Move Consultant

William recently graduated from Wichita State University in December of 2020. He was hired as a Move Consultant in February of 2021 and is eager to develop his career at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK. He enjoys helping others with problems that need solutions and providing excellent service in the process. He enjoys spending time with friends and family, walking his dogs, and playing basketball in his free time. William is very excited to be working for a reputable company as TWO MEN AND A TRUCK.