Your Kansas City Movers

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is proud to call Kansas City our home for over 20 years! We pride ourselves on delivering the highest level of customer service in the KC area.  How do we do it? It all starts with our team. We have the most incredible team of talented individuals! We believe that creating an environment where people enjoy coming to work results in a much higher level of service. By investing in our team with professional training and a fun culture, we create more skilled teammates who love their jobs!

Whether you are moving from Overland Park to Lee's Summit or moving across the country, we have the skills and experience to deliver the smoothest and most stress-free move possible.  With a 97% referral rating and thousands of satisfied customers, you can trust you are moving with true professionals! 

the movers who care® Difference

  • Before beginning employment with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, every applicant must undergo a background check and drug screening.
  • All of our movers and drivers must complete a very extensive training program before heading into the field. We are one of the few moving companies in the nation to offer a full-size "training home" within our new facility!
  • We invest heavily in state-of-the-art equipment and new trucks so our teams are well-equipped to complete your move efficiently and effectively. 
  • No hidden fees! Padding and stretch wrapping your items are always included in the cost of your move! 
  • Locally owned and operated for over 20 years!

Moving Services

customized levels of service!

Moving to a new home or relocating your business certainly isn't cheap, but it doesn't have to be expensive, either! We are one of the only moving companies in Kansas to offer a highly-customized level of service options to fit ANY budget! 

  • Load Only: Sometimes you just need the muscle and not the truck. We've got you covered! For a discounted rate, we will load your belongings into any DOT-approved vehicle and let you transport the goods to their final location. A liability waiver will be required since we are not responsible for the careful transportation of the goods. 
  • Discounted moving services: Preparation is key when moving on a budget. Most people don't realize how affordable moving can be if you are properly prepared on moving day. Have all packing completed, boxes labeled, and stored in a common area near where the truck will be loading. Have all furniture properly disassembled and ready to be stretch wrapped. Have all closets, basement, and garages packed and ready to go. By doing this, the average moving cost can easily be cut in half! 
  • Full Packing service: Kick your feet up and grab your favorite beverage because you won't be lifting a finger! Our all-inclusive moving package includes boxes, packing, and moving supplies. We will pack your entire home, label all the boxes appropriately, and safely transport all your belongings to your new residence. Once we arrive at your new location we will deliver all your boxes and furniture to their respective rooms and arrange all the furniture to your liking. A truly stress-free moving experience! 
  • Partial Packing Services: We can pack as much or as little as you please. Our most common partial packing request is the kitchen. With the use of our padded dish pack boxes and years of experience, we can guarantee every single item arrives at its destination without incident! 

Unique Item Moves


Safes, pianos, jukeboxes, pool tables, arcade games, statues, taxidermy – we’ve done it all! These unique items require specialized training, professional experience, and proper equipment. Luckily, we happen to have an abundance of both!  


Downsizing into a senior living facility can a stressful and emotional process. We work closely with many local senior living facilities to ensure we are familiar with the many complex nuances of senior relocation. We also follow THE GRANDMA RULE®, which means to make sure to treat everyone as we would like our own Grandma to be treated! 


If you are doing some home remodeling or just want to move a few heavy pieces around, we can make the task simple and quick! Save yourself a trip to the chiropractor and let us do the heavy lifting. 

Piano's, Safes, and Pool Tables - The big stuff! 

Specialty item moves such as gun safes and pool tables require an extensive amount of experience and skill. Luckily, we have both! Every member of our team receives extensive professional training on how to complete these intricate moves. With over 30 years of experience in the Kansas City area and thousands of specialty item moves under our belt, you can trust your items are safe in our hands!

What we CAN move:

  • Safes under 750 pounds (special accommodations may be made for larger safes)
  • Spinet pianos, baby grand pianos, and upright pianos
  • Two-piece slate pool tables (slate must be crated)
  • Non-slate pool tables 
  • Industrial exercise equipment
  • Fireproof file cabinets
  • Gun lathes
  • Arcade games

What we CAN NOT move:

  • Safes over 750 pounds (without special arrangement)
  • Grand pianos 
  • One-piece slate pool tables
  • Tanning beds

A few tips for moving day

Moving can be a daunting task, but thankfully, you've got Two Men And A Truck to help you out!  We'll make sure your belongings get from point A to point B safely and efficiently. To make the most of your moving experience, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Pack Smart: Start by packing items that you won't need immediately, and use sturdy boxes that can withstand the weight of your belongings. Remember, if it can break, it should be packed with extra care.

  • Label Everything: Make sure each box is labeled with its contents and which room it belongs in. This way, our crew can easily unload and place items in their correct location.  Don't forget, we offer professional packing services! 

  • Communicate Clearly: Let the movers know which items need extra care, such as fragile or valuable items. It's better to be safe than sorry!

  • Stay Organized: Keep a checklist of everything you need to pack and move and check off items as they are loaded onto the truck.

  • Don't Overpack: Keep in mind that heavy items, like books, should be packed in smaller boxes to avoid injury during the move.

  • Stay Hydrated: Moving can be exhausting, so make sure to drink plenty of water and take breaks when needed (wine counts as hydration on moving day).

  • Pack a moving day kit: Make sure to pack a bag with all the essentials you'll need on moving day, such as a change of clothes, toiletries, and snacks.

  • Enjoy your new home: Finally, once the move is over, take some time to relax and enjoy your new surroundings. You deserve it after all that hard work!

Story of the stickmen

Did you know that the nation's first and largest franchised moving company was started by two brothers trying to make a little extra spending money in high school? Check out the clip below to learn more about how our company has grown into an amazing business devoted to giving back to the community! 


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