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Meet your Kane/DuPage team!

We also have an established set of core values at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Kane/DuPage, believe strongly in these values and apply them daily in both our work life and home life.

With years of transportation, logistics and customer service experience behind us, your North Aurora team works hard to make your experience the absolute GREATEST!  Proud to be part of the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® family, we truly care about our customers and the service we provide.


Gerardo Fraire
In-Home Consultant
"I am the In-Home Consultant for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK. My favorite part about being an In-Home Consultant is the opportunity to meet with our customer's face to face. Being able to match a face with a name is something that I cherish and look forward to doing every day as well clearly understanding their individual needs. I do enjoy working out, traveling, boating and piloting small single engine private planes."
Kayla Dunkin
Move Consultant
"One reason I love working at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is the feeling I get when a customer lets me know that I provided them with great customer service. I can always hear their smile through the phone. Working at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® has made me value customer service so much more. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with family and making time for school. Working at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK allows me the time I need to finish college while helping relieve some of our customers stress from moving."
Rikki Forgwe
General Manager
"First and foremost, I am a dedicated father and husband. I have been part of the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchise system off and on for 20+ years. I began working as a Driver/Mover at the Holland, MI franchise. I moved my family to the St. Charles area in 2008. I enjoy working here because every day is different and it's always an adventure. I also enjoy the people that I work with. I spend my free time playing, watching, and coaching sports. I also love playing and listening to music."
Bill Thomas
Operations Manager
"I have been the Operations Manager at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK in North Aurora for 7 yrs. I love that I never have the same day twice. Every day is a new experience. I enjoy meeting new people. I take pride in having the best looking, well-maintained fleet of trucks. Dispatching every morning is a lot of fun. Our movers and drivers are jokesters. After work I enjoy fishing, bowling, walking my dog, camping, and hanging out with my family and friends."
Heather (Miller) Muzzey
Office Manager
"I believe exceptional customer service should be the standard. I have been the Office Manager in North Aurora for 14 years and look forward to its daily challenges. I absolutely love that one of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK's Core Values is “Be Your Best and Have Fun”. We employ such a variety of great personalities which can be pretty entertaining at times. It makes me proud to read all the wonderful reviews we receive from our customers. Alleviating some of the stress of moving for our customers is important to us and our crews do a great job!"
Trent Greer
Operations Supervisor
"I've been with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK on and off now for 4 years. I started as a driver/mover and now have the opportunity to be of help in the office as the Operations Supervisor. I enjoy making the lives of other people easier as moving can be a very stressful experience for anyone. Outside of work I am a Reservist in the Military and a proud dad to my newborn. Every day is a new and different day. That's what I love about TWO MEN AND A TRUCK!"
Ben Marolt
Sales Manager
"I have been with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® since 2015. I was hired as a Move Consultant was promoted to Office Manager and now I am the Sales Manager. I enjoy meeting with different people and helping them accomplish their move smoothly. When I'm not working, I enjoy baseball, reading, and being outdoors."
Keegan Miller
Move Consultant
"When I started at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, I felt like I had big shoes to fill. I was welcomed with open arms. I was given a great opportunity to work for a great company. My co-workers and our customers never fail to leave a smile on my face every day. As a college student, working for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK allows me the flexibility to finish school as well as provides me with the experience I need to communicate in my daily life. In my spare time, I love to read, write and spend time with my little sister."