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Meet our Tucker team!

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Operations Assistant
Ashley is known for her problem solving mentality, and for being quick on her feet with co-workers and customers. She enjoys getting to know those around her, and working to better her community with her efforts. When she’s not at work, you can find Ashley making new DIY activities on Pinterest.
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Customer Service Representative
Aiming for success each day, Takisha likes being helpful and building relationships with customers, and she is known for her friendly and caring attitude. When she’s not at work, you’ll find Takisha exploring Georgia with her husband, or reading a suspense novel.
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Customer Service Representative
Diane is a very productive worker, and brings a positive personality and the ability to make people laugh with her to work every day. She enjoys helping others and giving back to the community, and in her free time, is an avid Florida State University fan.
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Customer Service Representative
Karen brings a nice mixture of organization and focus to her work, and is very resourceful when it comes to meeting the needs of each client. Helping others is very important to Karen, and she’s a big fan of giving back to the community. Outside of the job, you can find Karen spending time on Amelia Island, and enjoying interior design magazines.
Customer Service Representative
Stacie is another helping hand on the customer service team, and she enjoys the opportunity she receives each day to assist customers and help move them forward. She thrives during busy moments, and is always putting client ahead of herself. Stacie enjoys a wide variety of sweets, ranging from hot tamales, to cookies and cream candy bars.

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