Meet the TWO MEN Douglasville team!

Gabe Gilbert

Before opening up his own franchise Gabe saw nearly every position TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® has to offer. He first started working during his college years at the Columbus, Ohio franchise as a mover/ driver. The franchise group realized his passion for the moving business and asked him to help open up their new location in Tucson, Arizona. Along with his soon to be business partners, Nick and Gordon, Gabe moved to Arizona and became the General Manager for that franchise and then as promoted to Operations Manager of their entire franchise group. After 8 years, Nick, Gordon and Gabe decided they wanted to try their hand at opening their own location which brought them to the Douglas County franchise they now own. Gabe is enjoying the task of running day to day operations as our Franchisee.

Nick Roerig

Nick also started off his TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® career at the Columbus, OH franchise. After showing great success and passion for the moving business, he too was offered a position to help open up the franchise group's new location in Tucson, AZ. Nick then moved on to become the General Manager for the Mesa, AZ franchise. In 2012 Nick and Gordon branched out and bought their first franchise in Brentwood, TN. Nick now spends his time split between Georgia and Tennessee to optimize the success of both locations.

Gordon Shaffer

Gordon, like his other business partners started off his TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® career at the Columbus, OH franchise. He quickly worked his way up from mover to driver then ultimately mover/driver trainer at that location. Gordon was also offered a position at the new franchise in Tuscon, AZ. After successfully getting it up and running, he moved on to do the same with the Las Vegas, NV franchise. Gordon and Nick decided to come together in 2012 and buy their first franchise in Brentwood, TN. Gordon now spends his time in Tennessee running all of the behind the scenes operations for both franchise locations.

Marya Kirkland
Move Consultant

Marya joined our team in February 2018 as one of three move consultants. We were excited to bring in another enthusiastic personality to help with the ever growing call volume. She enjoys being able to interact with many different types of people and loves the family atmosphere. Marya understands moving is stressful and enjoys helping give her customer peace of mind throughout the moving process. In her spare time, she enjoys playing with her dogs and one day hopes to become the voice for animals living in cruel conditions.