Movers Who Care

Meet our team of hard workers! We proudly serve the Tampa Area and provide stress-free moves with professionalism. 

Andy R
Mover & Driver

Andy joined TMT in January 2021. The environment and his coworkers are what he likes most about his job. He enjoys fishing, bowling, hunting, boxing, gaming, and dog training in his spare time. We're extremely happy to have him on our team!

Dan Harrington
Assistant Operation Manager

Dan assists with dispatch, keeping up with inventory, and fleet maintenance. He also steps up to help customer service when needed and assists with on-site estimating and as a driver when needed. "TWO MEN AND A TRUCK allows me to be me while maintaining the brand of the company."

David K Tampa
David K
David K

David started with us in April of 2018. He progressed from trainee to mover to driver to crew lead. Now he's the friendly voice on the other side of the phone when customers call. We appreciate the hard work David puts in each day. Thanks for being a move hero to our customers.

Eugenia Parlow
Marketing Director

Eugenia Parlow is the Marketing Director for 3 of our TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® territories. She's been with us since November of 2011. Eugenia found success by meeting with business owners, real estate professionals, apartment managers, storage complex managers, and local politicians.


Felipe have been with TMT for 6 years. He enjoys helping people move on with their lives. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends. We appreciate the hard work Felipe puts in each day and we're extremely happy to have him on our team.

Jade M
Jade M
Meet our Sales Manager, Jade

Jade has been with our Hillsborough County office since May of 2015. She started as a Customer Service Representative and has worked her way up to Sales Manager where she leads our sales and customer service staff. Her proven leadership skills are appreciated every day. Thank you, Jade! Keep up the great work!!

Josh Pagan

Welcome, Josh our new mover to the TMT team. Josh likes the different experiences of moving clients' furniture. He loves spending time with his family and in his spare time, he enjoys working on cars.

Juan Tampa
Juan M.

Juan has been with our Tampa location since May of 2015. He's worked his way up from helper to driver, and now to crew lead. His positive attitude and willingness to help whenever asked is contagious. We're extremely happy to have him on our team.

Karl Kupies
Quality Control Specialist

Karl has been with TMT for 3 years. Karl visits move sites to ensure that our movers are working in a safe environment and are upholding the high quality that our company and customers have come to expect. He also meets with our customers to keep up our strong customer relationships. He enjoys sports, music, and spending time with family and close friends.

Leo Coleman
Mover & Driver

Leo is a mover and driver. He enjoys spending time with his family and his favorite thing to do is creating art. We appreciate the hard work Leo puts in each day and we're extremely happy to have him on our team!

Relocation Specialist

Marissa is a regular ball of sunshine, always arriving early to work and ready to start her day. Before TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, she worked in the retail field, where she built a strong foundation in customer service and boy does it show, in her time with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK she has booked over 1,000 moves and maintained a 98% referral rate.
Initially Marissa applied for our Relocation specialist role because she loved our “Moving People Forward” moto and was excited to have a job that would enable her to really help people. Her positive attitude And strong work ethic shows in every move she books and is received by every customer she now Moves Forward.

Mat Peek Tampa
Mat P

Mat has been a HUGE part of our organization since 2007. He does it all; HR, dispatch, or customer service, you name it, he's done it. We appreciate his hard work and dedication to our company!

Mat Peek
Mat Peek
General Manager

Mat is the General Manager of the Tampa franchise and has been with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, for almost 15 years. His career with the franchise began like most, as a mover. Mat's positive attitude and determination have helped him to quickly climb the ladder for multiple titles within the office. Mat’s primary role is Scheduling and dispatch of movers and drivers. However he, like most members of the team, often wears many hats.

Human Resource
Randi Bloodworth
Human Resource Director

Randi has been with TMT since 2012 and has held many positions which have given her extensive knowledge of day to day procedures and expectations. As human resource director, she oversees the recruiting process from start to finish for movers, drivers, and office staff completing interviews and orientations to ensure the process is smooth for TMT and new employees.

Scott R
Scott Robbins
Drivers & Movers

Scott is a lifelong resident of Tampa, FL. and a 20-year employee of TMT Tampa. He is very passionate about his work and loves spending time with his family and fishing in his spare time. We are very happy to have Scott on our TMT team.

Todd Smith
Move Coordinator

Todd is our Move Coordinator. His job consists of going into homes to estimate the time and supplies needed to complete a move. He averages approximately 5-7 homes a day. Todd has been with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK for 15 years. Outside of work, he enjoys sports and music.

Tony Ortega
Tony Orterga
Meet Tony

Tony has been with out Tampa location since 2010 and has done it all. He started as a mover and worked his way up to driver and crew lead. He's one of our main interstate guys and has even worked in the office answering phones. His commitment and dedication to our company is second to none.
Thank you Tony for all you do!