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TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Tallahassee is a local moving company with a national reputation for outstanding customer service. Franchisees Bryan Feldman and Nathan Bocock set out to expand the company’s mission from their successful operations in the Carolinas to the Sunshine State.

Since the opening of the Tallahassee franchise, we’ve successfully completed over 5,000 moves. Our professional moving teams are experienced in both residential and business relocations. We will also gladly move your specialty items such as pianos or gun safes. Your trained TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® movers are happy to assist with full-service packing and internal moves at your home or business. We can also provide a team to help you unload rental vehicles and trailers.

Professional moving services

With years of experience working in the moving industry, we truly go the extra mile when it comes to making sure both trucks and crews are in top-notch shape and ready to get you moved. All of our employees are held to a national standard of excellence in performance and are considered true professionals in the moving industry. Rest assured, all of our employees are licensed, insured, and are fully background checked. We never hire day labor and enforce a strict drug-free workplace policy.


two men and a truck movers unloading to a residence Almost every day we speak to folks who say they’ve never hired a moving company before and are unfamiliar with the process. On the big day, our team will arrive promptly with a clean truck equipped with a ramp, heavy duty moving pads, industrial stretch wrap, dollies, bungees, straps, tools, or any additional specialty equipment needed. Your lead mover will then go over the contract and perform a walk through. During this time, we encourage customers to point out exactly what needs to be moved from each room, or if there are any unique items that may require more protection. The crew will then begin the padding process, load everything onto our truck, and will transport your items to your new location where they will then unload your belongings.


Whether you’re relocating across the street, to the other side of the state, or coast-to-coast, we’re the company that can efficiently execute your move. For most long distance moves, we highly recommend scheduling an in-home consultation where we can determine a rough estimate of the cost and provide a detailed breakdown of logistics for the entire move. Your move team is guaranteed to be the same crew who will perform the load, transport, and unload. Our service is direct and expedited and we never combine your items with another move or make additional stops unless specified by you. At TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, we understand the value of providing guaranteed pick-up and delivery dates, ensuring your move is completed in a timely, efficient manner.  


movers with two men and a truck packing a large painting into a box When it comes to getting all of your possessions ready for your move, we know the importance of packing things right. In addition to selling a full line of extra-durable, double corrugated boxes and packing supplies in-office, we also offer full service packing for folks who may need an extra set of hands in getting the job done. We train all of our professional frontline crew members through a series of hands-on workshops and packing technique classes, to ensure they’re always prepared for any situation. Our packing service can be added to all of our move services. We encourage customers to ask questions and discuss your packing needs when scheduling your move. 


Moving is one of the most stressful events anyone can go through. Even more so, when it involves seniors relocating to a new home. We take extra precautions to make sure the move goes as smooth as possible. After all, it’s one of our core values to uphold THE GRANDMA RULE®- to treat every customer as we would our very own grandmother.


In certain situations, performing an on-site estimate is necessary to better determine what services your move may require. We find it helpful to schedule an on-site estimate for long-distance residential and business services, as well as moves that require packing. We encourage customers to call and schedule your in-home consultation at least two to four weeks in advance of your move date. This service is a completely free and no-obligation. 

Business moving

TFL 2 Truck Our city is constantly expanding and with this, comes a growing business economy. If your business is outgrowing or updating its current facilities, we have experience in moving your workspace in a quick and efficient manner to ensure downtime is kept to a minimum.


Have questions about how to pack your antique lamp? Or want to know what’s the best way to move your 60” flat screen TV? Please, use us as a resource! Feel free to call is with your questions or concerns about the process; after all, there’s a good chance we’ve moved it before!


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2017 Tally Award Winner - Best Moving Company

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GA HHG: #8543

DOT Number: 2273291
MC Number: 778416-C
State Regulatory Number: Fla. Reg. No. IM 2068

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