Meet our Team!

Picture of Solomon - Ocala
Advanced Crew Leader

Solomon has been with our franchise for over a year. He has excellent skills and has moved up quickly to be an Advanced Crew Leader in the team. The principal focus while performing a job is taking care of our customers and their belongings. Solomon's experience and fast adaptability allow him to effectively manage any scenario. When he's not "Moving People Forward®" we can find him spending time with his wife and playing with his pets.

Picture of Phil mover manager in Ocala
Mover Manager

Phil is a US Army Veteran and has been with our franchise for 5 years. He has held different positions in the franchise and became a Mover Manager in 2018. His unmatched communications skills and discipline are great assets when performing the daily tasks in the office. When Phil is not at work, we can find him exploring different restaurants in town or just unwinding with friends and family.

David Operations Manager
Operations Manager

David has been with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK for almost 7 years. He started working with us in Tampa as a Driver and a Crew Leader. He served in the US Marine Corps and also has a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology. His experience in the military and knowledge in Psychology have been key for David to become a great problem solver and a disciplined communicator within our organization at any level; he has a great ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently. We are so lucky to have him in our franchise!

Picture of the general manager at the Ocala location
General Manager

Our General Manager, Deryk Shepherd, started with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK in December of 2006. He worked as a driver/crew leader for five years at 3 different franchises. Later, he assumed the Operations Manager position at the Tampa office from 2012 until 2014, where he developed a new system for quality control, training and hiring processes with great success. It was this remarkable initiative that drove him to accept the position as General Manager in Ocala/The Villages in August 2014. Here, he has taken our company to be voted “Best of the Best” moving company two years in a row, by our citizens in Ocala.
He also has successfully established different programs like the on-site storage, our Last-Mile delivery service and the creation of a Senior Transition Package to ease the move of our elderly citizens into either an Assisting or independent Living or Memory Care facilities. Born in Ohio, he moved to Tampa in 1996 and went to school to the Aerospace Engineering program. In his free time, he enjoys working on his muscle cars and playing ultimate frisbee. Deryk’s dedication and ethics are a model of what TWO MEN AND A TRUCK values are, regarding the company’s commitment to exemplary integrity and customer service.

Duwell is posing in front of a truck wearing a hat
Advanced Crew Leader and Driver

Ocala - Duwell has recently become the first person to attain the newly created Advanced Crew Leader position in our franchise. He is extremely dependable; his coworkers and customers love him, and he gets more positive reply cards back than anyone else!! Duwell does the morning truck checks and acts as a mentor to our new employees. Without him, we wouldn't be able to operate at the high level that we do today!

Andrea posing in front of a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK BACKDROP
Marketing Coordinator

Andrea has been with our franchise for more than two years. In that period of time, she has made connections with the community and has assumed roles in different organizations representing our brand and becoming a great leader. On any given day, we can find Andrea around town at different events networking and promoting TWO MEN AND A TRUCK. She enjoys giving back to the community through our Movers for Moms® and Movers for Military® campaigns. When she's not at work, she likes spending time with her family either kayaking at the Rainbow River in Dunnellon, taking walks at the Sholom Park in Ocala, or boating in Homosassa.

Mike is posing in front of our truck
Move Manager

Mike started with us in 2016, he left us briefly but is back with the team as Move Manager. His knowledge and experience are key to our franchise's success and growth! He enjoys the dynamics of his position, there's no one day equal to the next. Mike enjoys the challenges that come with the position as well as the sense of camaraderie within the team. When he's not at work, we can find him enjoying a good Dungeons and Dragons game, videogames, or enjoying the outdoors. We are really happy to have Mike back!