Fort Myers Local Storage

One-stop Moving and Storage Services

Constructed and finalized in 2018, our storage facility spans over 7,500 square feet, showcasing a commitment to excellence. This facility is meticulously climate and humidity-regulated, featuring dedicated air handling units within the warehouse. The temperature regulation consistently remains below 80 degrees, with humidity levels maintained at less than 55%. Recognizing the escalating demand for top-tier customer storage solutions, we have seamlessly integrated an additional 3,000-square-foot storage warehouse into our facilities.

To ensure the utmost protection of stored items, each article is comprehensively wrapped with high-quality commercial moving blankets throughout the entire storage duration. Our meticulous approach extends to a robust inventory management system. All stored items undergo systematic inventorying and numbering, accompanied by a detailed itemized inventory. For enhanced transparency and customer satisfaction, each client receives a copy of the itemized inventory and a series of pictures capturing the stored items.

The security of your belongings is our top priority. Our warehouse is fortified with a 16-camera security system, offering comprehensive safety measures and continuous monitoring for all items housed within our storage facilities. Trust us to provide a professional and secure storage solution tailored to your needs.