We're hiring! Join our talented team in New Haven.

Our caring and professional movers are trained on best moving practices and excellent customer service techniques through the rigorous curriculum of our Stick Men University. In addition, tactical drills and one on one coaching in our state of the art Moving Lab, help our crews gain practical experience to ensure they are ready to handle the most challenging move.   Whether it’s a sensitive family dynamic, extra-large appliance, oversize couch, antique bed or custom book case, our team is trained to ensure your items are transitioned with care. And, all crew members are background-checked and randomly drug tested to ensure your belongings are safe and secure throughout your entire move.

Marilyn Goldberg
Move Consultant

Marilyn has been with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK for almost 3 years. She moved here from Upstate New York and understands how stressful moving can be. With her recent experience packing and moving, she knew that she found the perfect place to work. When she is not at the office helping people arrange their move or handing out stickers and coloring books at Touch A Truck events she enjoys crocheting afghans for local charities and working in the community.

Onoh Headshot
Onoh Udensi
Marketing Manager

Onoh (pronounced Honor) helps businesses tell their stories while bringing value to their communities. He's passionate about making connections and supporting philanthropy. With three years of digital marketing experience in eCommerce, he hopes to bring a new perspective to our social our media marketing strategies.

rodwell- mover of the month
Rodwell (RD) Damon
Truckie of the Month

Each month we award an employee for representing the values of the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK ® brand. Being his best is what motivates Rodwell. Whether it’s on the soccer field or at work, “giving 100%, having fun and winning as a team is what it’s all about” for RD. So when he heard his cousin, Elijah, praise his colleagues at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK ® as “guys that had each other’s back” and heard him talk about his work environment as one that offered new challenges every day, RD knew TWO MEN AND A TRUCK ® was where he wanted to work. Little did he know his first team move would be 12 hours long! He didn’t mind: valuing the accelerated training, he’s looked to learn from each driver, believing everyone has a tip or trick to make you a better performer.

Prince Taylor
Mover of the Month

Meet Prince Taylor, one of our crew leads in New Haven and Mover of the Month! Prince inspires our team with his initiative, positive energy and strong work ethic and makes sure all moves exceed customer satisfaction. His good humor keeps moving forward fun for all! A transplant from North Carolina, accent and all, New Haven is proud to have Prince on our team.

June Mover of the Month
Bowen Brennan Mover of the Month
Mover of the Month

Since his first day on the job he has demonstrated the qualities that make us proud to have him on our team! He is always prompt and in uniform, treats every move with care and never complains despite the heat, the cold, and long days. He loves to make his customers and teammates smile and has garnered rave reviews and referrals. He is an exemplary example of a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK "Mover Who Cares".

Gio Rivera Vega
Mover of the Month

Gio brings his good humor, strong work ethic and professionalism to TWO MEN AND A TRUCK each day. He's honed his moving skills and is now helping to train others. It's no wonder that he earns 5 star ratings from his customers and peers. Rain, shine, hot and muggy, or crisp and cool, we count for his 5 star team performance! Thank you Gio!

Cameron Hanson
Mover Of The Month

Meet our charismatic and dependable Mover of the Month, Cameron Hanson. Cameron is a leader of our crew on and off of moves. Always on his game, he hits our in-house gym before work and encourages others to do the same. On moves, he's on task and delights customers with his professionalism and care. In the upcoming weeks he will be participating in our Driver Training program with hopes of moving forward from a 5 Star Mover to a Driver in early Spring. Our whole crew is rooting for you, Cameron!

Edd Peiedone Five Star Mover Of The Month
Eddie Pedone
Mover of the Month

Edward Pedone is our Five Star Mover Of The Month. From his first day to every day since, Eddie has displayed a consistent professionalism and upbeat personality that sets the rhythm of his crew and inspires smiles from his customers. Eager to please, attentive to details, a team player and very musically talented, Eddie is truly a "Mover Who Cares" that exceeds expectations.

Jennifer Ritchotte
Operations Manager

Jenn is our "chief, cook and bottle washer" in New Haven. When she's not scheduling moves, doing payroll or interviewing staff, she's helping to train and ensuring we adhere to best practices and policies. Moving people forward is Jennifer’s passion. Her success is demonstrated by the 96% referral rate and 5 star reviews earned by our crews. She's proud that TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is an organization dedicated to helping its people meet their goals and feel the pride of a job well done.

John Galberth NMOM
John Galaberth
Mover of the Month

When you move a military veteran who has moved a lot, you know you are dealing with a knowledgeable audience. So when our veteran customer raves about your moving team in a five star review, and singles out a particular mover, like John Galberth, you know this mover is absolutely awesome.