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Meet Your Scottsdale Team!

Jim and Donna Frederickson started their first TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchise in September of 2001. Tempe, AZ was their first location and by 2005, the two acquired the South Phoenix and North Scottsdale, along with their Tempe location. At their peak, the three locations had a combined 19 trucks and 50 employees. June of 2005 was one the biggest months for Jim and Donna, where they had a collective 470 moves. Jim and Donna’s sons, Tyler and David Frederickson, both started out as movers when the first franchise opened in 2001. The two are now head of our sales and operations management here at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®  Scottsdale. Because we are such a family oriented business, we like to promote within. We have had many employees over the years that have given themselves to this company and have worked tirelessly to make it what it is today. Most of our employees today and in the past have been close friends, family members, and people who have been referred to us through other friends and family. To date, Jim and Donna Frederickson own the Scottsdale franchise and their satellite office in North Scottsdale, with a total of 14 trucks and 40 employees.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® of Scottsdale was awarded the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce Sterling Award Honoree for 2016 Best Small Business. Jim Frederickson, President of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Scottsdale, is pictured on the left with his wife Donna Frederickson, his son David Frederickson, and Kevin Watson, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®‘s Marketing Manager.[video:https://youtu.be/ZRHFi1uQWXk]

Meet the Team-Okany Aguilar
Okany Aguilar
Customer Service Representative

This California born and Arizona raised ball of sunshine is now part of our sales team! Okany has a background in sales and executes exceptional customer service. If you have any questions at all regarding relocation services, she's here to point you in the right direction! Welcome to the family!

Jim Frederickson
Franchisee/ Chief Executive Officer

Jim Frederickson is the sole owner of the Scottsdale franchise and has been since 2001. He also has over 20 years of experience being a franchisee with other big name companies. With 15 years of moving experience under his belt, he has seen it all and knows every little detail about how to have and build a successful moving business. With regards to owning a business, Jim ensures that each and every client is dealt with from the time we get a call till the time we complete each move. He cherishes being a part of the Scottsdale area and as often as possible offers back to several nearby foundations. Jim's children Tyler (General Manager) and David (Sales Manager) have been working with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Scottsdale for an aggregate of more than 20 years consolidated! His better half, Donna, can be found in the workplace as often as possible also. She is the Financial Manager. Jim cherishes investing time and energy with his family, particularly his grandson! He guarantees to make the majority of his staff feel like family. Our many tenured movers and drivers are proof of this. As an effective agent for a long time, Jim comprehends what it takes to take care of business and with a 96% consumer loyalty rating as verification, he knows the significance of esteemed clients!

Tyler Frederickson
Operations Manager

Tyler as been working with his father, Jim, for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Scottsdale since 2001 too. Beginning as a mover, he knows the greater part of the points of interest of the administration that our staff completes through the moving process. In 2010, Tyler was elevated to General Manager. In this time, he has possessed the capacity to run an extremely effective operation. Tyler deals with the planning, ensuring our movers schedules, interstate assessments and on location appraises too. Tyler is our go to with regards to any inquiries, concerns and thoughts that we exhibit. His significant other Natalie (our Human Resources Manager) and his 18 month old child, Dylan (future mover/General Manager) are likewise required in our organization (Dylan for the most part for good support!). Tyler's learning, knowledge and initiative guarantees our organization is constantly on the ball and run appropriately to keep up our 96% consumer loyalty rating!

david - sales manager for two men and a truck scottsdale
David Frederickson
Sales Manager

David has been working with his father and sibling, Jim and Tyler, since 2010. David directs our marketing/sales department to ensure our customer service agents (CSR's) are evaluating legitimately. David additionally guarantees our gadgets, for example, telephones, tablets and different assets are a la mode and working legitimately. With his experience and information, David additionally assists with our every day operations. He has likewise started and kept up our astonishing organization with Hospice of the Valley. David really appreciates working with his family. Being the main impetus of our office staff, David guarantees to meet our month to month objectives and makes an incredible showing with regards to doing as such!

Natalie Frederickson
Human Resources Manager and Safety Coordinator

Natalie began at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Scottsdale on June 29, 2015. She was utilized at Sunfare, an organization that gives crisply made, customized dinners to weight reduction customers and families hoping to eat healthy, for more than 10 years working in Customer Service. Natalie started working for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Scottsdale as the head of Human Resources. She has been a stunning expansion to this organization consisting entirely of men! Natalie works in the selecting and screening process with regards to procuring new representatives. Her ability in coordinating and planning authoritative operations has kept our workplaces run like an all around oiled machine. Amid her down time, Natalie commits a large portion of her time to her child Dylan(Jim's grandson) and her significant other Tyler(Jim's child). She additionally appreciates climbing, shopping and being a dynamic supporter of the community.

Ashley Hamblin
Marketing Manager

Ashley started working at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Scottsdale back in November 2016. Along with being our Marketing Manager, Ashley is also the brain behind our Social Media accounts and strives to secure and manage TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Scottsdale's reputable image and reputation. Ashley is an active member in our community and loves attending Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce events along with helping organizations such as; Cheeriodicals and Arizona Helping Hands! In her free time she loves traveling, spending time with family and indulging in a juicy steak!

Donna Frederickson
Franchisee/ Chief Financial Officer

Donna is the CFO of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Scottsdale and Jim Frederickson's better half. She has been with us since her and Jim founded the Tempe franchise in 2001. Donna has been the backbone, financially, of the franchises that she and Jim have owned over the years along with adding to the success they have had over the years. She primarily works from home and helps take care of Dylan, her's and Jim's grandson, when she has free time. Her primary job is planning, implementing and executing financial-related tasks for the company. When Donna is not busy with her financial responsibilities, you will most often find her on the tennis court or hiking the local spots in town.

Customer Service Representative
Jessica Bierman
Customer Service Representative

Jessica recently started here at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Scottsdale and has been a huge part of our successful summer. We appreciate all the hard work she produces and we love that she's wonderful with our customers' and represents our core values. We're thankful we found such a compassionate, confident, well-rounded human being to bring on board! In Jessica's free time, she adores spending time with her three children, swimming (when it's not too hot here in AZ), and traveling. We can't wait to see the wonderful things Jessica can accomplish within TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Scottsdale and we're excited to see her blossom. Welcome on board, Jess!

Lead Driver/Trainer
Terrell Yazzie
Lead Driver/Trainer

Terrell is our Lead Driver/Trainer! He's been with the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK system for over 5 years and continues to raise the bar each year. He knows the in's and out's of moving and the proper care it takes to get belongings moved safely and successfully. He's native to Arizona and he's part of the Navajo Nation which resides about 5 hours North of Scottsdale. In his free time, he loves driving up north to be with family and friends whilst taking in his culture at the same time. We're so happy to have Terrell as part of our team and can't wait to see what this man has to offer because his ideas just get better and better over time. Go Terrell!