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Movers of The Rock

At TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Little Rock, we pride ourselves on employees moving forward professionally.

In fact, 75% of our managers started in front-line positions and moved into management, and one out of three current franchisees also started in a front-line position. There is an incredible amount of professionalism and experience in your TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Little Rock team - take a second and get to know them. Follow us on Facebook for updates, celebrations, and opportunities to win prizes and other community events that we may be participating in.

With our TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Little Rock location growing fast, we are constantly searching for top-talent individuals with a strong work ethic and the drive to go above and beyond. Click the link to fill out an application today! 

Jeremy Underwood
General Manager

Jeremy began his career with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® as a Customer Service Representative at the Memphis franchise in 2014. He proved to be a strong leader and quickly advanced to become the Sales Manager of the franchise within his first year with the company. In April of 2017, Jeremy was offered the role of General Manager for the North Little Rock location, earning the responsibility of running the helm in Little Rock and growing the franchise to its full potential. Jeremy really enjoys leading his team in providing excellent service to exceed our customers' expectations. When he isn't helping a customer plan their upcoming move he indulges in an eclectic list of music,reading fiction, and spending time with friends and loved ones. The best piece of advice that Jeremy was given is:It's your decision to allow someone to occupy your thoughts rent free.

jared h
Jared Harrington
Operations Manager

Jared Harrington began his illustrious career with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® back in 2016, when he worked as both the General Manager and Operations Manager for the Bentonville, AR franchise. No stranger to hardwork and determination, Jared continuously showed his team that he was capable of any responsibilities that he acquired throughout his time there. After two years in Bentonville, Jared relocated to the Little Rock franchise and now focuses his energy on daily logistics as the Operations Manager. Jared believes that,"Success not only means succeeding at work, but at home as well with our children and their lives." When he is away from the office, Jared enjoys a variety of activities such as watching football and hunting, but his greatest joys are the opportunity to spend time with his fiancée, Jamie, his two twins, and his boxer, Skittles.

Picture of Casey Welch
Casey Welch
Marketing Director

Casey is our marketing director. She handles social media, grassroots efforts, recruitment/retention, and takes calls to help customers. She loves her job and has developed special relationships with everyone at our location.

jared k
Jared Kittler
In Home Consultant

Jared has been a dedicated member of the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® team since 2017, and from the beginning he has proven that he is more than willing to face any task head on. Always a learner, Jared enjoys the opportunity to seek out new ways of handling situations and always strive to be a better and more efficient person each day. Although his primary role is as an In-Home Consultant, Jared assists with daily Marketing tactics within his local community and has solidified countless charity partnerships for the franchise. When he is away from the office, Jared enjoys spending time with his dachshunds, listening to music, and/or enjoying the various events and festivities that Little Rock's community has to offer. Jared’s daily motto is: "Live now; make now always the most precious time. Now will never come again."

George Tanner
Finance Director

George started with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® in January of 2012 as a Customer Service Representative, where he worked to minimize customer frustrations as he organized each move accurately and professionally. George joined the North Little Rock office in 2014 and began working as the Bookkeeper for the location and was quickly promoted to Finance Director shortly after. George enjoys the challenging but rewarding atmosphere that his current position brings and he relishes in the fact that he is able to work within such a comfortable environment with great team members. His favorite quote/scripture comes from James 5:1-4. During his free time, George enjoys various activities such as spending time with his family, and enjoying a new book. The best piece of advice George has been givin is: “‘Get to the point’ is not an exhortation you can fairly make during a parlour game! There is no point; this is a pointless exercise. We are whiling away our finite time before the grave!” (David Mitchell)

picture of Rontrell Bailey
Rontrell Bailey
Hiring Manager

Bailey is an amazing member of our office staff and has been with us for quite a while. He loves living by our core values and having the opportunity to exceed our customers' expectations! When you give us a call, he will be the first to say hello with a smile you can hear!

picture of Nicole Mack
Nicole Mack
Sales Consultant

Nicole is our new Sales Consultant. She brightens up our office and always provides a positive contact for our customers. She enjoys problem-solving, working with the other reps, and using her sales background to enhance the customers' experience.

picture of Joseph Mathews
Joseph Mathews
Field Trainer

Mathews is one of our long time veterans and an amazing field trainer. He loves showing our new guys the ropes and meeting people from all walks of life. He is also our June driver of the month. Congratulations Mathews!!

picture of Rasheed White
Rasheed White
Field Trainer

White is one of our finest drivers. With amazing work ethic and customer service, he surpasses expectations continually. He loves his TWO MEN AND A TRUCK family and doing interstate moves.

picture of Tyranny Johnson
Tyranny Johnson
Field Trainer

Ty has worked for this franchise in previous years but he recently came back to our team. He is an extremely hard worker and has a lot of experience when it comes to daily operations. He enjoys working with his fellow movers and drivers to provide the best customer service possible.

picture of Christina George
Christina George

Christina has recently joined our team and is a great addition. She is our only female mover, but she works harder than most of our guys! She enjoys meeting customers from all walks of life, traveling on long-distance moves, and working with the other movers and drivers.

picture of Edwin Slater
Edwin Slater

Slater has been an awesome addition to our team. He loves the teamwork and work environment that he gets here and the workout he gets on the job!

picture of Larry Modacure
Larry Modacure

Larry is a relatively new driver. He has an awesome work ethic and does a great job. He loves the tips, interacting with different customers, and being around his coworkers.

picture of Gage Tharp
Gage Tharp

Gage is one of our youngest employees. He works hard and learns fast. He likes the relaxed atmosphere at the shop, the different customer interactions, and the unpredictability that comes with the job.

picture of Willie Roddy
Willie Roddy

Roddy is one of our awesome movers. He enjoys working with the guys and doing interstate moves.

picture of Joseph Weathington
Joseph Weathington

Weathington is one of our awesome movers. He is a hard worker with a great personality and he loves to laugh.

picture of Tyler Boyster
Tyler Boyster

Boyster is one of our great movers on staff. He has been with us for a year as of June 11th and always has a smile on his face. He enjoys making our guys laugh and taking care of the customers the right way. He is also our June mover of the month. Congratulations Boyster!!

picture of Samuel Leach
Samuel Leach

Leach is one of our awesome movers. He likes to work with people and make them smile. He keeps our guys laughing and enjoys the family atmosphere.

picture of Sherry Gleber
Sherry Gleber
Packing Coordinator

Sherry has been an amazing addition to our staff. We started our packing team in January and it has been a huge success. She coordinates all our packing jobs and trains any new packers. She works at a lightning fast pace and is hard to keep up with. In her spare time, Sherry rescues dogs and cares for them til she can find a good home.

picture of Jan Malone
Jan Malone

Jan is one of the new packers on our packing team. She has an amazing work ethic and is proof that working hard and helping people is the way to a long, happy life.

picture of Patricia Toye
Patricia Toye

Patricia is a sweet and kind natured individual who can put a smile on anyones face. She loves the enthusiasm of each of her packing team members to help each other and the friendships she's developed with clients and team members.

picture of Joshua Harris
Joshua Harris

Joshua is a great guy with awesome packing skills. He likes having an efficient and effective crew that makes the customer smile and say "that's a job well done".