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Movers of The Rock

At TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Little Rock, we pride ourselves on employees moving forward professionally.

In fact, 75% of our managers started in front-line positions and moved into management, and one out of three current franchisees also started in a front-line position. There is an incredible amount of professionalism and experience in your TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Little Rock team - take a second and get to know them. Follow us on Facebook for updates, celebrations, and opportunities to win prizes and other community events that we may be participating in.

With our TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Little Rock location growing fast, we are constantly searching for top-talent individuals with a strong work ethic and the drive to go above and beyond. Click the link to fill out an application today! 

Picture of Tyranny Jonshon
Tyranny Johnson
Operations Manager

Ty Johnson is our amazing operations manager. He has worked on and off with our franchise for over 5 years. Upon his last return, he was made assistant operations manager and has now been promoted! He is an amazing manager and leads our team with respect and love. We are so lucky to have him and can't wait to see what the future brings.

Picture of Casey Welch
Casey Welch
Move Consultant

Casey has been with our company for almost 2 years. She handles all the marketing needs and works with our customers to get their moving needs taken care of. She prides herself on honesty, integrity, and making people smile. She works side by side with all the staff to make sure our customers are taken care of the right way!

George Tanner
Finance Director

George started with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® in January of 2012 as a Customer Service Representative, where he worked to minimize customer frustrations as he organized each move accurately and professionally. George joined the North Little Rock office in 2014 and began working as the Bookkeeper for the location and was quickly promoted to Finance Director shortly after. George enjoys the challenging but rewarding atmosphere that his current position brings and he relishes in the fact that he is able to work within such a comfortable environment with great team members. His favorite quote/scripture comes from James 5:1-4. During his free time, George enjoys various activities such as spending time with his family, and enjoying a new book. The best piece of advice George has been givin is: “‘Get to the point’ is not an exhortation you can fairly make during a parlour game! There is no point; this is a pointless exercise. We are whiling away our finite time before the grave!” (David Mitchell)

picture of Christina George
Christina George
Assistant Operations Manager

Christina has been an amazing part of our team. She started off by surprising everyone when she became a field trainer within a few months. She has continually shown dedication and drive at our franchise. She was recently promoted to assistant operations manager and is continuing to prove that gender means nothing in the face of hard work.

picture of Joseph Mathews
Joseph Mathews
Field Trainer

Mathews is one of our long time veterans and an amazing field trainer. He loves showing our new guys the ropes and meeting people from all walks of life. He is also our June driver of the month. Congratulations Mathews!!

Picture of Rasheed White
Rasheed White
Field Trainer

White is one of our finest drivers. With amazing work ethic and customer service, he surpasses expectations continually. He loves his TWO MEN AND A TRUCK family and the customers he has met along the way.

Picture of James Allen
James Allen
Field Trainer

Allen has been with this franchise on and off for 10 years. He is highly revered by all our staff. He takes the new guys under his wing and shows them the ropes. He never complains and maintains an amazing attitude. He enjoys doing the interstate moves and helps the marketing director by taking pictures all along the way of his trips.

Picture of Antwan McCray
Antwan McCray
Field Trainer

Antwan McCray is one of our best drivers. He is passionate and amazing with our customers, has a great work ethic, and a close relationship with our team. He is currently waiting for our next new truck to come in because it will be assigned to him!

Torrie Braggs

Torrie Braggs is a newer driver. He enjoys working with our customers to make their moving experience as easy as possible. He also likes the atmosphere we maintain and working with his coworkers.

pic of Logan Nunnally
Logan Nunnally

Logan joined our team and became a star immediately. He motivates his teammates, works hard, and keeps a positive attitude no matter what. He enjoys long-distance moves and is a great team lead no matter the situation!

pic of Courtland Mcdaniel
Courtland McDaniel

Courtland has proven himself a powerhouse again and again since joining our team. He is thorough, courteous, and a great lead to have on any job. His coworkers and customers enjoy working with him and we are all grateful to have him as a part of our franchise!

picture of Willie Roddy
Willie Roddy

Roddy is one of our awesome movers. He enjoys working with the guys and doing interstate moves.

Picture of Samuel Leach
Samuel Leach

Samuel Leach has been a great member of our team for over 2 years. He keeps a positive attitude and works hard to provide for his family. He has been Mover of the Month more times than I can count and we are very fortunate to have him.

Picture of Brendan Rodgers
Brendan Rodgers

Brendan has been a great addition to our team! He works hard and keeps a positive attitude, no matter the situation. He always manages to put smiles on all of our faces.

pic of Brett Mitchell
Brett Mitchell

Brett was a great addition to our team early in 2021. He is a quick learner with a great attitude and works well with everyone. He enjoys the family atmosphere and working with our customers closely!

pic of Mathew Holman
Mathew Holman

Holman has been a great addition to our team this year. He keeps everyone laughing and has a great attitude even in adverse circumstances. He is good with all types of people and we enjoy having him on our staff!

pic of Jaylen Talley
Jaylen Talley

Jaylen has come in and shown all of us what hard work means. He works well with our team, never complains, and is always ready to work. He sets an example every day for new movers and drivers alike.