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Meet your Fairfield County TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® team!

Julian P. Employee of the Month for Two Men and a Truck
Julian P.
Mover of the Month

Julian is always on time and ready to work once he reaches the office! He enjoys taking on new challenges and always has a positive attitude no matter the circumstances. In our office, we have a wall where we display reply cards from customers, and Julian was recognized 10 times this month! These are a few of the reasons why we chose him for our February employee of the month!

Nicholas B, Driver of the Month for Two Men And A Truck
Nicholas B.
Driver of the Month

His consistent reply card recognition and drive to make himself better is why we chose Nicholas B. for our January mover of the month! His favorite thing about working with us is the many places he gets to travel to during his moves that he wouldn’t be able to see with a different occupation. He’s also one of the first drivers to ask if there are any new Stickmen University (our training program) courses and videos that he can cover, which we know pays off through his referral rate of 100% and customer service score of 5.0!

Fredrick Shaw
Location Manager

Fredrick has been a part of the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® family since 2001. He started as a mover and then quickly trained to be a certified TWO MEN AND A TRUCK driver. From the very beginning he noticed he was a part of something special, so he worked his way up to become the top team member. He started showing interest in other departments and was, and still is, eager to learn more to help with the growth of the company. Fredrick became the equipment manager, grew into the crew supervisor position, and is now our newest location manager. Since then he worked in many areas of operations and sales and helped get the fleet up to 15 trucks. Fredrick says his new role as location manager has been challenging, but thinks it will be fun as well. He loves the family environment in there office and the active part TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® plays in the community this is what it’s all about he says, The "Movers Who Care®". Fredrick enjoys watching and playing football and basketball. He also enjoys spending time with his family and in the future hopes to travel internationally.

Moving Consultant Sarah Pullen
Sarah Pullen
Moving Consultant

Sarah has been working for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® since May 2011. She enjoys working at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK because she experiences something different every day and feels like she is part of a family. As a moving consultant with 20 years of experience in the moving industry, Sarah has a gift of making moving less stressful for her customers. Sarah has 3 children, a 21 year old son and 19 year old twins. They also work for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, so it definitely is a "Family Atmosphere" for her.

Tori Rodriguez

Tori started working with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® in 2014. With her job, she interacts with everyone in the office and has a close relationship with her co-workers. Her favorite thing about her job is everyone is a team and they all work together. When she is not working she is a full-time student at the University of Bridgeport and also enjoys playing softball.

Nick Bartlett, Employee of the Month for Two Men and A Truck in Fairfield County
Nick Bartlett
Employee of the Month

Nick was our Employee of the Month for April. He has the best reply card ratio than any other employee at 84% and also had a 100% referral rating. No matter if he’s scheduled or not, Nick always shows up when we need him. He's always on time ready to work. He keeps a duffel bag packed and ready (just in case a long haul pops up!) and is one of our reliable drivers. He is hard working and fun to have around. He has improved on communicating any issues and updates on moves, damages, and customer complaints are very low if any at all. Nick is always welcoming to the busy season and we're glad to have him here on our team in Connecticut.

Timothy Stallworth, driver of the month for two men and a truck
Timothy Stallworth
Driver of the Month

Seize the day with Timothy! He is our August employee of the month! He shows up on time with a great attitude and rarely complains. He always keeps a smile on his face no matter what type of move he's on. Timothy shows leadership amongst his peers is very consistent, so we know here at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, we can count on him!

Timothy Stallworth, driver of the month for two men and a truck, connecticut
Timothy Stallworth
Driver of the Month

Timothy always keeps a smile on his face no matter what! This month he was presented with an issue where the move was larger than initially anticipated when the team arrived at the home, but he handled the situation quickly and professionally and was able to edit the estimate as directed by our manager. Working at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, Timothy enjoys the aspect of assisting people that are unable to move their items on their own and always asks us how he can improve at his job. He strives to, “Always do the best you can!” and enjoys traveling and eating new foods in his time away from work.

James Joseph mover of the month for two men and a truck fairfield
James Joseph
Mover of the Month

Need an extra mover for the day? James is the one we call! Even on his days off, James makes himself available when we need him. He enjoys the new scenery and places he travels to for moves and also meeting the new customers each day. His customer service score of 5.0 and his 100% referral rate certainly shows it! Outside of work, James enjoys playing basketball, riding bikes, and playing chess.

Jerry Middleton, Mover of the Month for Two Men And A Truck
Jerry Middleton
Mover of the Month

“Be on time, respect others, work hard, and customer care!” are Jerry’s four tips to success for working at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK. He has a referral rate of 100% and believes that caring for people and their belongings are most important. Jerry told us, “I have learned a lot working with everyone here. They have showed me how to work well with others and teach what I have learned.” He strives to continue on working hard and maybe even earning employee of the month next month!