How to Move a Pool Table

There are certain items in the world of moving we’d classify in the “elite” tier of moving, and without a doubt, a pool table is one of those items that fall into this category.

If you’ve ever been around a pool table – or tried to move one – you know they’re large, heavy, clunky, and unable to be moved as is. Moving a pool table requires more than just heavy lifting, as you need to disassemble many different parts, keep track of all the pieces you’ve taken apart, and put it back together wherever it’s being moved to.

While we’d recommend hiring pool table movers like our teams at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, we understand the cost of moving a pool table might seem like a tall task to some, and it’s more appealing to learn how to move a pool table on their own.

We’ve got you covered! Below, we’ve put together tips for moving a pool table that we’ve learned over our many years in the business.

7 Steps to move a pool table

First and foremost, there is something you must know about moving pool tables: this cannot be done alone. Pool tables are extremely heavy and delicate items. You can’t just pick one up and move it to a different room or up the stairs, as many different steps are required to move it correctly and safely. It’s crucial you have assistance on hand before you start the moving process.

1. Equip yourself with professional moving supplies, equipment, and tools

A pool table requires a good amount of disassembling and reassembling, so tools like drills, screwdrivers, and socket wrenches are all going to be necessary as you take it apart. Similarly, you’ll want professional moving equipment like moving pads, stretch wrap, and moving blankets to wrap the different pieces of the pool table to avoid damage.

Another key piece of advice: have professional moving boxes on hand to store these pieces and be sure to label each box clearly so you know what pieces are where when you’re done moving and ready to reassemble.

2. Ensure you have a vehicle capable of moving all the items

If you’re not using a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK team to handle your pool table move, you’ll want to rent a moving truck or vehicle to handle the transportation. Pool tables are generally large, so you’ll need to measure your pool table and ensure your vehicle is large enough for it to fit in.

3. Measure the dimensions of where you’re moving it

Before you begin your pool table move, ensure you measure out every area where you’ll be moving the parts of the pool table through, such as doorways, stairways, and hallways. The last thing you want is to get started and realize you can’t fit parts of the pool table through certain areas or get to the new location and realize the pool table won’t fit when reassembled.

4. Get friends to help

As we mentioned above, it is extremely important you don’t attempt to take this on as a solo project. You need to enlist the help of others when moving a pool table to make the task easier on yourself. This will assist in the avoidance of injury to yourself or damage to the pool table.

 5. Disassemble the pool table

Using the tools we mentioned in step one, begin taking apart the pool table as necessary. There are plenty of pieces that need to be taken apart individually, from removing the pool ball pockets to taking apart the legs of the pool table and rails, removing the felt on the pool top slate, and then removing the slate. Be sure to look up your pool table model online for specific details or reference any manuals that came with your pool table originally.

6. Use professionally packing equipment to keep all parts protected, then load up the pieces

Once disassembled, be sure to pad and stretch wrap everything as necessary to avoid damage while moving. All parts of a pool table are extremely delicate, so you want to do as much as you can to properly protect them prior to the move.

Load them into your vehicle carefully and be sure to drive carefully to ensure maximum safety for all pool table parts.

7. Reassemble at the pool table’s new location

Once you’ve made it to this step, you’re almost in the clear and ready to get back to some fun billiard games. Go through all the labeled boxes full of parts and other pieces and assemble the pool table back together in its new location. We recommend looking up the best steps for adding the felt back to the pool slate for optimal smoothness.

Let the professionals ease the burden of moving yourself


Thinking of Moving Yourself?
Think Again!

While moving yourself may seem less expensive... the costs add up.

Do-It-Yourself Moving Costs:

  • Truck Rental
  • Mileage
  • Fuel Charge
  • Additional Insurance
  • Equipment Rental
    (straps, rope, furniture pads, bungee cords, stretch wrap, dollies, etc.)
  • Time
  • Boxes & Packing Supplies
  • Possible Damages
    (belongings, relationships, & injuries)
  • Recruiting Friends to Help
  • Food & Beverages
  • Chiropractor Visits
  • Packing a Truck
  • Learning How to Maneuver a Moving Truck
  • Broken Promises


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Two Men and a Truck took all the stress out of this move and I was blown away by the incredible job T’Shon and Brandon did! They were SO efficient and took such care with our things, especially a VERY heavy pool table! I am so grateful!