How to Move a Piano

When it comes to moving heavy objects, perhaps no item is as tricky as moving a piano. If you have a piano that needs moved, you might begin to research terms such as how much does a piano weigh or how to move a piano yourself to navigate the process on your own. While this can be a very difficult and stressful endeavor, you can call our professional teams to handle it for you if it becomes too much.

Our teams at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK are your professional piano movers, and we have handled this type of move for many years now. When you hire TWO MEN AND A TRUCK to move a piano, you’re hiring a professional moving team who is trained and ready to transport your precious instrument with top-of-the-line moving techniques and protection. We know how to keep your piano safe from the time we remove it from your home until we deliver it to its new location.

If you decide to tackle a piano move on your own, take a few of our helpful tips below into consideration.

Safety Tips

As you can imagine, a piano is a heavy, yet delicate piece of equipment, and this is why it’s recommended to use professional moving equipment for transportation. With the weight and how it’s distributed, professional moving equipment is a must to get it in and out of a home and into a moving truck.

Like any type of move, it’s crucial to remember that in order to avoid injury, you should never lift more than you can handle. Similarly, any protective gear you can wear to handle the heavy lifting can go a long way in protecting your body during the move.

Necessary Items

As mentioned above, it’s imperative that professional moving equipment is used during a piano move in order to prevent any damages during the moving process. Doing this will ensure it works correctly and stays damage-free, saving you the stress of worrying or having to pay for repairs.

When it comes to items needed to move a piano, we recommend the following equipment:

· Stretch wrap

· Moving pads

· Four-wheel dolly

· Ratchet straps

These items will help specifically with the lifting of a piano, as well as moving that might be done while keeping the exterior of the piano safe and protected.

Steps for Moving a Piano

With your professional moving equipment ready and a moving plan in place, it’s time to move your piano. Below, we’ve put together a few necessary steps for moving a piano, just like the pros!

1. Stretch wrap the Piano - Stretch wrap pads to the top and the sides of the piano

2. Lift the Piano - Lift the piano while another mover slides the four-wheel moving dolly underneath

3. Secure Piano to the Dolly - Secure the piano to the dolly with a ratchet strap

4. Correctly place Ratchet Straps - Place the ratchet strap above the keyboard of the piano so it doesn’t cause any damage

5. Move Piano out of the Home - Carefully wheel the dolly out of the home. If stairs are involved, you will need to pick up the piano as you move down the steps to ensure it does not come in contact with any of the steps.

6. Load Piano onto Truck - Push the dolly up the ramp and into the truck

7. Secure the Piano in the Truck - Securely strap the piano to one of the truck walls and ensure no other items are loaded next to it