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Here at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Augusta, we have been making home and business moving a little easier for people of the CRSA. After starting out with just a few trucks and a few college students working, we have grown into a 12-truck operation and have a fully-trained moving staff ready to assist with any moving needs. We provide local services throughout the CSRA, while also providing relocation services statewide in both Georgia and South Carolina and Interstate services across the country.

Since starting in 2001, we have maintained a high level of standards and customer service scores over the years. We have over 21 years in the customer service industry. From helping out customers get that one item transported, to performing an entire home or business move, we can help everyone with their particular needs. We are pleased to be partners with a number of charity and special purpose organizations in the area and enjoy giving back to our community. We are happy that the people of the CSRA have trusted our services over the years and we are thankful we have been the leader in Moving Services over the years. Thank you all for again continuing to vote us the Best Moving Company 2023!

With affordable pricing and a variety of services, we’ve helped thousands of happy customers over the years. We look forward to helping new customers and current in the coming year.

Stress-free moving services

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Augusta follows THE GRANDMA RULE®; we aim to treat each and every customer just as we would treat our own grandmothers. Our team of professionally-trained movers is diligently screened before they are hired to verify a clean background and to ensure they are drug-free.  Our mission is to ensure our crew members are trained to be not only proficient in packing and moving your belongings but also excellent in customer service.


Moving Services

Apartment and condo move specialists

For those who are moving out of or into a rental, there are a few additional details in play from your standard home move. Thankfully, our professional moving teams are ready to get the job done and up to the challenge of a few stairs!

With more than two decades of moving experience under our belts and in services at the CSRA, we’ve seen it all when it comes to moving apartment rentals. These facilities often have strict rules and regulations to follow, and our professional moving teams are trained to ensure your move is a breeze.

For those about to complete a rental move, we have developed an effective list of tips for first-time renters! This tenant move-out checklist will cover all of the bases you need when completing a move from a rental property and can be your go-to rental checklist for any future moves you complete.

  1. Get rid of unnecessary items: Find somewhere to donate items you no longer want, offer other items to people who might want them, or just throw them away altogether. This will save you the hassle of moving these items on moving day.
  2. Notify your landlord of the upcoming move: Some rental properties need a written notice in advance of your move, so be sure to check with your property on the proper procedure, and check to see if they have certain regulations for moving in and out of the rental.
  3. Do a thorough cleaning: Leaving your place in bad shape will end up costing you money. Do an efficient cleaning of your rental property before moving out and fix any damages to ensure you receive your security deposit back.
  4. Take care of bills: Double-check and ensure all bills are paid in full and shut off so you aren’t stuck paying for something at your next location.
  5. Document the condition of your rental: Be sure to take note of any damages or other incidents that occur to make sure you aren’t charged for something you didn’t do.
  6. Pay attention to additional space: If your rental property contains a separate storage unit or storage space, make sure everything you need is removed and taken care of before you move out. This will prevent you from scrambling to find a place for these items on moving day.

Business moving in the augusta area

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Augusta also performs commercial moves ranging from complete business relocation to rearranging furniture during an office renovation. For the interior designer or store-purchased items, you can be assured that our experienced team of professional movers will handle your deliveries to businesses and consumer clients. 

If your business is in need of moving, packing or storage, call us today so that we may customize our services to fit your needs!

Internal moving- just the little things needed

If you're completing home renovations and need furniture moved to a different room or out to a portable storage unit, we’ve got you covered. Internal services are for anything that's staying on the same premises. This could include moving items around for redecorating, a gigantic armoire to the living room, or a piano from downstairs to upstairs. Let us help with the little things needed around your home or business!

Remember, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Augusta is not just a moving company. We are the MOVERS WHO CARE® and are committed to improving the community, helping others, and making your next relocation a stress-free one. Contact us today for more information or to receive your free quote!

SC Authority Number: SCPSC 9719

GA Authority Number: HG 205667

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