Hauling away your items with the same customer service

We're a one-stop-shop!  In addition to moving, boxes and storage, we can also help you with any removal needs you may have. We have special trucks & crews for our haul-away service that are ready to come help. We use the same screening and training we use for our moving crews so you can be sure you're getting the top-level service if you welcome us into your home or office. It starts with a FREE, no-obligation onsite estimate. We come out ready to remove your items, so it's just 1 visit and usually takes less than 45 minutes even if you have a number of items all throughout your home! 

It's common when moving for some of your items to not come with you, so we can make sure all of your pieces are removed whether they are going with you or not!!  But the average person needs removal services more often than they need moving services. You may be updating your decor, growing out of some of your items, or just doing some spring cleaning. Now that we have a junk removal service, we're poised to deliver the same level of service and value you've come to expect from TWO MEN AND A TRUCK in these situations too!

Volume Price

1/8 Truckload

Approx 54 cubic ft

1/4 Truckload

Approx 108 cubic ft

3/8 Truckload

Approx 162 cubic ft

1/2 Truckload

Approx 216 cubic ft

5/8 Truckload

Approx 270 cubic ft

3/4 Truckload

Approx 324 cubic ft

7/8 Truckload

Approx 378 cubic ft

Full Truckload

Full 16 cubic yard truck

Do I need a junk removal company?

If you're asking yourself that, the answer is probably yes! All sorts of people and circumstances require removal services.  Some examples of common times we're called: redecorating, recent or upcoming move, staging your home, remaining items after estate sales, basic spring cleaning, removing outgrown kids' clothes and toys, and many more!!  No job is too big or too small.

What size do I need?

If you don't know the size of your items in terms of junk truck space, don't worry!!  Most people don't!  That's why we offer FREE, no-obligation onsite estimates.  We'll come out to you and review everything you need to be removed- whether it's 2 pieces or a storage unit full!- and let you know how much space your items will take up.  We'll bring the truck and crew when we come, so if it works within your budget, we'll get right to work!  And once everything's loaded, we'll only charge you for the amount of space you actually used.

What if I don't have a full list yet? Should I wait to call? 

No!! Go ahead and give us a call. Most customers aren't 100% sure about everything that needs to be removed until we get there.  And many times they remember other items once they see how easy we make it!  That's why we only charge you for the amount of space you end up using.  We'll do as much or as little as you want- you're the boss!

Where do my items go?

Your items go to a variety of places.  We try to avoid excess waste so whatever we can save from going to the landfill we do.  We have partnerships with donation centers as well as local charities and whenever we can reuse or recycle an item we do so.  We know which items can go where, which is especially tricky these days, so you don't have to worry about trying to figure that out and making multiple trips!!  You can feel good that we're giving back to the community while we're helping you declutter your home!

What if I need help rearranging once I move the junk items out of the way? 

That's the perfect reason to call us!!  (And actually, that's really common.)  We are professional junk removers AND professional movers.  We can be your one-stop-shop.  All of our crews are on staff, screened, trained, and in uniform with all the supplies and knowledge to make sure you don't have to lift a finger.  If you need internal moving services while we're onsite, let us know and our junk specialist will factor that into the estimate.  We also can collect items throughout your home during removal, so don't worry about putting everything in one pile or by the curb (unless you want to)!

What items do you accept? 

We actually take most items- used furniture, bags/boxes full of unwanted goods, items left by a previous owner/tenant, broken/dated/unused items, etc. We even take things others won't like mattresses, tires, electronics, scrap metal, large appliances, etc. So if you're not sure, be sure to ask! But there are a few things we don't accept for safety reasons such as hazardous material, medical waste, liquid-based items, sealed drums, and so on. Also, keep in mind, that we're a haul away company, not a trash collector, so save your yard debris and household garbage for them!