Greg Savitski Franchisee
Greg Savitski

Greg has been in the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK system since 1997. He started as a driver, worked his way to manager and eventually franchisee. His favorite part of the day is being here when the hard working crew members dispatch in the morning. Greg also enjoys the satisfaction of moving customers to their dream homes.

General Manager
Keith Todd
General Manager

I was searching for something different in life. I had a buddy working for the company at the time. He told me that the pay was good and the tips-so I was on board with that!! Haha I didn't know what I was getting into at the time! Fortunately I was a hard worker. I wasn't gonna let the furniture beat me! That was a start of a new journey for me and my family. I started off as a driver on the truck and a couple of years later I got promoted to the operations manager a position I held for 9 years. I'm now the general manager. I've been truly blessed to work all the years with our owner Greg Savitski. He has always treated me and my family with respect and made us feel like family.

Miriam Berrouet
Human Resources & Marketing Manager

Miriam has worked for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® since 2012 while continuing to own her own interpretation and translation business. She enjoys working here because she knows moving is stressful and she likes the fact that we make the moving process as pleasant as possible for our customers. A little known fact about Miriam is that she speaks 4 languages and dances with both a Mexican folkloric dance group as well as an Aztec dance group.

Tabitha Green
Lead Customer Service Representative

Tabitha has worked for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® since 2013. She says "it's a good company to work for and I enjoy working with my co-workers." She likes putting a smile on customer's faces by giving excellent customer service and it shows as Tabitha was recently in the top 10 in sales throughout the entire TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® System!!

Drivers and Movers
Driver And Movers
Myrtle Beach Team!

Here's your hard working team!!!!!

Customer Service Representative
Mike Holt
Operations Manager

Mike was in the moving industry before he came to TWO MEN AND A TRUCK. He was a driver for two years before he was promoted to the sales team. He was promoted to the Operations Manager in 2019. He likes working for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK because everyday is different and challenging. His favorite part of the day is getting up for work. One of Mike's assets is that he can adapt and overcome adverse situations.

Kyle Customer Service Representative Myrtle Beach Location
Kyle Gray
Customer Service Representative

Kyle Gray started with the company Jan. 2016 as a Driver and went on to become a Customer Service Representative(CSR). After months of well executed moves and great customer feedback, he says "The following year I became the first CSR to reach $100,000 in sales. I like to keep a positive outlook from day to day. Even though some days can be real demanding. One thing I always remember, even if my cups empty, I still have a cup. The Office crew and truck crew are real open and welcoming which is real important in my book."