Taunton Team Members

Manager of a moving company
Kevin Walicki
General Manager

Meet Boston South's General Manager! Kevin is a Michigan native who relocated to Boston in January where he worked for our Boston North store until July 2020. Kevin has demonstrated great leadership and drive in his 4 years with the company. We are very excited to have him lead our newest location. Kevin is an outdoors kind of guy and enjoys camping, hiking, and exploring his new state when he has free time. We miss you in Michigan Kevin but are very excited to watch your success in your newest adventure.

Employee of the Month headshot
Jeff Arnett
Operations Manager

Jeff just moved to Boston to accept a position as the Operations Manager of our Boston South location! We know you will do amazing things and are glad to have you aboard!

Outside salesman for a moving company portrait
Cheney Barczewski
In Home Consultant

Cheney will graduate in December with a Finance Degree from Eastern Michigan University. He began his TMT career in 2015 as a mover and has quickly worked his way up due to his professionalism and great customer service. If he could pick his dream job it would be part-time comedian and part-time bass fisherman! He also enjoys cooking and eats what he catches. He does have a good fish story and a favorite recipe he enjoys making, ask him about it!

Women in a dress at the office
Charlene Bush
Marketing Director

Meet our Marketing Director, Charlene. She began her career at the corporate office in Lansing before working with the Oversmith Groups 4 Michigan stores. She now handles both of their Boston locations as well. She really enjoys talking to people, building relationships, and connecting people with the services they need. She enjoys warm weather, sunshine (like live in flip flops 24/7 kind of weather), running, and her family.

Executive at work
Joe (Turbo) Turbeville
Vice President

Our VP loves getting things done, taking on new projects, and a good challenge. Hence the nickname, Turbo! He manages the day to day operations with ease and enjoys being a part of growing the Oversmith Group. Joe just welcomed his third child, a boy, with his wife Emma. They already have a son and a daughter which keeps them pretty busy. Joe recently embarked on a new project and made himself a computer desk at home from a beautiful live edge slab of wood. He could have a side hustle here if he ever gets bored. It turned out gorgeous!

Executive at work
Alan Oversmith

Alan owns 4 Michigan stores and now 2 Boston locations. We honestly don't know where he gets his energy, maybe the Wheaties he eats for breakfast? Alan has great vision and has built an incredible team. He always looks to promote from within first and loves watching guys move up from mover to driver and into management positions. For fun, Alan loves spending time with his family; camping, fishing, four-wheeling, and hanging out!