Junk Removal and Haulaway Service is now available

Sometimes you just need the experts to come over and take care of the heavy lifting for you. We are happy to load up all of the items hanging around your home that you just want to get rid of. Call us to pick up old mattresses, furniture, appliances, exercise equipment, and more. Call us for self-storage clean-outs, evictions, foreclosures, estate sales, and HOA and neighborhood clean-up days. We reduce, reuse, repurpose and recycle whenever possible so if you call your local donation center and they will take your items, we can transport them for you. Moving People Forward® is what we do!

Volume Price

1/8 Truckload

0-51 cu. ft.

1/4 Truckload

51.01-102 cu. ft.

3/8 Truckload

102.01-153 cu. ft.

1/2 Truckload

153.01-204 cu. ft.

5/8 Truckload

204.01-255 cu. ft.

3/4 Truckload

255.01-306 cu. ft.

7/8 Truckload

306.01-357 cu. ft.

Full Truckload

357.01-408 cu. ft.

Scrap metal, yard waste, construction debris?  No problem!  We can haulaway any of these items for you and ensure that they are properly disposed of.  For a list of what we don't take, click here:  https://blog.twomenandatruck.com/2020/08/31/two-men-and-a-truck-junk-removal-what-we-cant-haul-away-for-you/