Movers you trust are the perfect solution for junk removal

We've built a reputation for moving items out of peoples homes. We deliver professional and friendly service with a high level of customer service and satisfaction. We do this with professionally trained crews and the proper equipment to handle the job while taking care of your belongings and household... isn't this who you'd want to invite into your home to move anything? OF COURSE!!  Let us come and haul away the items you need to clear out.  We offer FREE, no-obligation estimates and top-level service. Give us a call today!

Volume Price

1/8 Truckload

Approx 54 cubic ft

1/4 Truckload

Approx 108 cubic ft

3/8 Truckload

Approx 162 cubic ft

1/2 Truckload

Approx 216 cubic ft

5/8 Truckload

Approx 270 cubic ft

3/4 Truckload

Approx 324 cubic ft

7/8 Truckload

Approx 378 cubic ft

Full Truckload

Approx 432 cubic ft

What if it's not junk? I want to donate my items. 

Of course!  We've still found the right place. In reality, only about half of what we remove is what you'd consider "junk."  Many times we're removing pieces because they are simply no longer needed or wanted but still have plenty of life in them.  We get that!  If you would like us to take your items to a donation center, we'd be happy to do this for you and will also happily give you the donation receipt.  Not all centers are currently accepting all items, so we actually have relationships with many donation centers as well as many local charities that are always in need.  The landfill is our final stop- we care about our community, so whenever we can we use other outlets to recycle or reuse items.  

Do I need to move it to the curb? 

No- we're movers... leave the heavy lifting to the professionals!  This is a huge advantage to using TWO MEN AND A TRUCK for your haul away needs.  Most companies that offer moving and junk, start with junk and then add moving.  We did it the other way around.  That way our crews are already trained to safely move furniture throughout a home without causing damage and have proven to deliver at our high-level standards with values such as The Grandma Rule.  So we can serve you a one-stop shop and you can be assured you'll get the top-level service.  Because we pride ourselves on being easy to do business with, we do offer a curbside service option if that's better for your needs.  Just let us know!

What if I find more items? 

No problem!  If you identify more items for removal before or even during your move, just let us know.  We'll do as much or as little as you request and at the end of the load, we'll charge you for the actual amount of space that you use.  If you find items after we've left, we can always come back.  We do have multiple loads and frequent customer discounts as well as curbside service discounts, so we can make it affordable to come back out and make sure you don't have to deal with the hassle of removal on your own!

Do I have to have a move to have removal services?

Absolutely not!! We've got a totally different truck and crew for our junk removal.  Most people need removal services 2-4 times more frequently than they need moving services, so most removals we do aren't tied to a move!  We do offer some additional discount options if you have both, but it's not required at all.  You benefit from it either way- since we are also a moving company, we're the perfect company to invite into your home.  Not only are all of our crews professionally screened, trained, and uniformed, but they are also trained on how to move items throughout your home safely.  Keep that in mind when we come out in case you need a few things moved around your home.  Might as well have us help you with that while we're there!!

What about electronics and mattresses? 

Yes!  We take them!!  We realize these can be tricky to get rid of, so we've done the research and know where to go as well as the proper way to handle and dispose of these specialty items. We also accept tires, refrigerators, stoves, and other appliances.  We don't accept hazardous or medical waste or other things that may need special permits for handling... but odds are if you want it gone, we can take it!