Labor-Only Services

We've been known for home moving over the last 35 years—we're so much more than that! We offer a wide variety of specialty moving services to help any moving need and oftentimes, our moving trucks aren't even necessary. You can hire the expertise of our professionally trained movers to help with whatever you need so you don't have to worry about doing the heavy lifting yourself!

Unloading TMT Boxes
Loading and Unloading

With this service, customers would rent their own truck or container, then call one of our teams to load it all up or unload it as needed. This saves you the trouble of doing it yourself and provides you with the peace of mind in knowing your items were handled by professionals. It's a win-win!

Movers moving piano
Furniture Rearranging

With our furniture rearranging services, you can get anything moved around your home or business quickly and efficiently. Our movers will move as little or as much as you'd like so you don't have to. This option is great for those undergoing home renovations, staging a home to sell, hosting a large gathering (safely, of course), or who just want something in a different spot.

TMT Mover Packing Books
Packing and Unpacking

This may not be a service involving any heavy lifting, but it's equally as important and useful. Our teams can take care of the packing up of your belongings so you can focus on something else. Given that we are professionals, we can efficiently pack as many items as you'd like us to. We can even provide the packing supplies and moving boxes!

TMT Mover with large box
Delivery Services

Ok, so technically this does involve a moving truck, but it's still worth mentioning. If you have found yourself in a situation where you've ordered a large item – say a new appliance or piece of furniture – and you have no idea how you'll get it home, we have you covered! We can schedule the pickup and delivery of large items like this and get it to you safe and secure, even moving it into your home and placed exactly where you want it.