Corporate and Commercial Relocation

When it comes to moving a business, there’s nothing more important than avoiding interruption to your daily operations. At TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, we’ve developed the best practices for business moving with our three decades of experience in the industry.

We’re ready to work around your schedule in order to keep your business on track, and with our professionally-trained moving teams, you can rest assured your items will be handled with the highest levels of care so you can get back to business as usual and avoid any downtime.

Business Moving

Business moving requires precision and efficiency, and at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, that’s what we’ve built our brand’s reputation around. We understand the importance of keeping your business moving and are willing to handle everything, from moving office furniture to packing, relocating, and unpacking – wherever your office is heading.

Business Storage

Whether you’re completing a renovation in your current building or you’re moving your office to a new location, storage will always be at a premium. Our storage options give you a place to keep all office furniture and appliances while you work to get your new setup ready.

Business Checklist

Keeping track of everything in your business is hard enough as is – adding the responsibility of moving it is another challenge in itself. Thankfully for you, our moving teams at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK have created a comprehensive business moving checklist to ensure you stay on track and organized throughout the moving process.