TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® has always focused on training its employees with the latest techniques, the best equipment available and to treat everyone as you would want your grandmother treated – THE GRANDMA RULE®.

Before a new franchisee can open a location, he or she must attend training in Lansing, Mich. They are trained by Home Office staff through STICK MEN UNIVERSITY®. There, franchisees are taught by subject matter experts how to market their new business, about the computer systems and how to hire, manage and lead their teams.

Franchisees also work in a two-story home built inside the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® /INTERNATIONAL, Inc. headquarters. During this portion of the training, students are taught how to maneuver, wrap, pack and load items such as a grand piano, a china cabinet filled with breakables, glass tables, a washer and dryer, and a flat-screen television. Students are expected to be able to recognize obstacles and empty the house as quickly and efficiently as possible. A truck box, built to scale, is also located in the training facility. Students must be able to fully pack the back of the truck with the items from the home.

STICK MEN UNIVERSITY® offers online classes that cover everything from marketing tactics to leadership to making accurate estimates throughout the year. Several instructor-led courses are also available all year long.

The customer is TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® ’s No.1 priority. Training classes are constantly being improved to make sure we are providing the best service available.

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